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Edit2: Fixed head flashing glitch

If you haven't seen DE_dust2, I suggest you watch it first. This short movie is a compilation of 2 outtakes based on the popular Counter-Strike: Source game.

Outtake 1 - Newbie gets his first kill?

Outtake 2 - FD God goes "BALE"-istic on Dumbass.

I don't get much free time now that I'm working... but it was a blast to be able to come back to flash!



Did It Again!

Once again... Some really awesome work out of you! I really wish you had the time to bring more to the table with the Counter Strike scene. I hope to see more and please keep up the work!

FD God needs a chill pill

LOL this is funny, but why did FD God did it in the first place? I mean, Dumbass didn't do anything at FD God. At first, I thought it was the pro, but then when I looked at the eyes I knew ti was FD God. The Pro is the one to get mad at dumbass.

FD God really needs someone to teach him manners. I think that FD God wants to kill dumbass, but he didn't because they're on the same team, so instead he swears at dumbass...it was funny. I found out that SWAT is called Bruce.

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HAHAH so f*cking cool!

dud, you just make real, what an asshole, great movie dud ^_^ i love cs parodies XD

That was realy funny :D

Its realy nice to see them speak especialy rage

No Shut The -Deleted- Up Bruce

You don't just go walking in the middle of a scene IN THE BACKGROUND going do-do-dododo I am a retard do do dododo. THINK FOR A -Deleted- SECOND

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Mar 1, 2010
5:02 PM EST
Comedy - Parody