Ocarina of Stupidity V

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This one's sort of a step backwards, but I'm still experimenting. We'll see what comes out next time...

Originally, this part was going to be much longer, but it's already going on so long that the sounds are getting out of sync and it's already almost seven megabytes... I figured this was a good place to cut it short. On the bright side, this means I've already got a little bit of Ocarina of Stupidity VI done, heh.

Let me know what you think, or if you encounter any problems!

Edit: I think I fixed the replay button. Let me know if you have any problems, though.



goood one make more or you shall not pass


if mah fairy said that about mah song id say "STFU fairy, it worked!"

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Pretty good

It would have been the best of all of them but I personly liked the style in 4 slightly better. Is the microsoft voice just a joke or can you really not find a female voice actor? I think it's the former but I would like some confermation. It's not a ten because the art style in 4 was so much better.

DarkLink777 responds:

It's just a joke. I didn't actually go looking for voices until the fourth episode, so I just went with what I had until then and now I don't want to change it. Thanks for the review!

Pretty Cool!!

Pretty good video!! Yeah the animation may not be perfect but what I think is more important is the story, and this has a funny one!! If I would make a suggestion it would be to look into walk cycles and perhaps try experimenting with the style. But I would say that I signed up to Newgrounds just to say good job :)

DarkLink777 responds:

Really? Sweet! Thanks a lot! Summer's kept me way busier than I anticipated, so progress on new stuff is slow... but I do plan to keep going. Thanks again!

best part (in my opinion)

was the beeping part (when ganondorf flies) and the quick time events (reminds me of my resident evil days) best one yet bro i can see this series geting some serious fame because it's mad funny :D (cannot wait for episode 6)

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3.63 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2010
6:38 PM EST
Comedy - Parody