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Alarm Clock by CC

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Author Comments

The Alarm on this clock is very annoying. If you would like an exe or swf copy of this file, PM me. should be self-explanatory, but enter the time in to spaces for hours and minutes, press set. not the alarm time is set to that time. set the AM PM switch as desired and turn the alarm on. make sure you don't mute your speakers if you are trying to use it. Feel free to give me A shout about anything and leave comments.

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Quite an unusual thing...to make since who needs an alarm clock when everyone has one anyways? But this is still very well done and I like the sound :)

Mushy - Super Reviewer.

noaddiction114 responds:

this was made before smart phones were a common thing. I didn't have an alarm clock at the time, and I really wanted something SUPER annoying to wake me up, but I was very poor.

Woke me up.

Mission accomplished.

A few things you can do though, if you're going to have a dedicated "Set" button, make it display somewhere on the program the currently set time. It makes the user feel a bit more confident (because we really do put alot of confidence in alarm clocks if you think about it.)

Another option is to have the "On" button double as the "Set" button.

Also, one more thing you could do is have it so when the clock is set, have it make a test sound so that the user automatically knows that, if left alone, it will make a sound, because computers are not perfect and once or twice I have had my sound card fuck out on me overnight (both on windows and linux). Help the user identify any potential problems before they go to sleep.


Very annoying noise, but thats the point...

8/10 because everyone already has an alarm
5/5 because of a job well done


nice its a fabulous idea :) 10/10 5/5

I think it's perfect, and a great idea too

Lol! The voice of the clock is so irritating, that I would wake up even if I drunk last night. ^^, And thats good of course. =D I can hardly wake up for any source of voice, but this clock I think could wake me up! Yup! ((I would really like to get an exe file version too. ^^)) Cheerz! ^^ Great job! =D 5/5 & 10/10