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UPDATED: June 08,2010

Animated from FLASH, background with PHOTOSHOP, effects and editing with AFTER EFFECTS, and add 3D objects with 3Ds max. this is my 5th flash/second submission and i will try even harder next animation project.



Not perfect, but pretty good.

I'll admit you got something going here on the right track. Your use of 3D and 2D was done pretty well, and the cat didn't look out of place much, if at all.

You do have some things to work on though. I think the cat's anatomy was a bit funky when you had it running or walking. Also, there wasn't much emotion expressed...the cat constantly looked stunned or confused with it's mouth always open like that. I think it would have been sooooo much better if you moved it's mouth to mimic it's emotions better, or at least keep it's gapping hole shut XD But you did express it's sadness in the end!

The music was fitting, but a few of the sound effects seemed kinda tacted on or out of sync, or even not really fitting. But this was one of the lesser issues I had with it.

It kinda made me wanna tear up at the end. A very well done flash overall! Keep up the good work! I can see this making front page easily!

manuelberja responds:

well, there's a lot of error and i admit it.
besides, it will slow me down if i put more detail and i have a time limit for this project(and i don't have waccom or tablet to enhance the drawings)

thanks to you guys!

Nice work!

A very well done flash! I liked the artistry. If you revisit this flash or ever redo could you possibly give us a little more segue cuz I know I was really lost at the end. I gave ya all my 5!

manuelberja responds:

:) i appreciate it!

Great Job

However, I don't really get the point of it, What exactly is the message. We are killing wild animals by making them tame? Which isn't true, tame animals even after years of being breed that way still have wild impulses. Dingos are an example of this, and then what about other countries where people just let dogs wander the streets. Then cats for example Lynx, Asian cat, European wild cat, there are tons of small cat breeds that are still wild. Great, animation, but, I don't quite see the point other than the cat missed alot of butterflies. I really doubt that 1000 years from now, cats will be extinct. XD we've been breeding tame cats and dogs longer than that already. 8/10 stars.

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manuelberja responds:

actually,that's my class project(2nd sem) and there's no time to waste.
the story is not properly arranged and some of the scenes are excluded.
i made the story for just three hours and start to animate.
sorry for that.

-my point is:

"the population of animals AFTER is not the same as NOW, it will reduce slowly by years passed by. maybe you guys are not bad because you breed/tame them but not all of human is good as you."
anyway thanks! :)

Cute and well animated

I like the fact that you don't have to use words to communicate the story.

manuelberja responds:


A Small Story

The artwork and animation are both masterful. I really have to give you credit on both of those, the style and movements of the cat and the butterfly are just wonderful. The world in which they live in is breathtaking all on it's own. The sound effects were masterful as well, being as simplistic as needed be, but giving attention to detail as well as being quirky when not needing to be, but to envoke the cuteness that this flash intended on doing. The music is masterful as well, going perfect with each emotion and setting nicely. The story is masterful as well, but confusing at the most. This seems like one of those flash movies you interpret the meaning of like another flash on Newgrounds entitled -IF-. Overall this flash is an astounding piece of work and I can only expect greater things from you in the future.

|| Good Points ||
*Masterful Artwork
*Masterful Animation
*Masterful Sound
*Masterful Music
*Masterful Story

|| Bad Points ||

manuelberja responds:

thanks dude,i'll never stop creating flash!

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Feb 24, 2010
12:39 AM EST
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