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Enter The Nightmare 5 Points

Survive the first wave of attackers.

Deadzone 10 Points

Purchase the Stasis Generator.

Frosty The Ownman 10 Points

Purchase the Liquid Nitrogen Generator.

Imma' Chargin' Mah Laser 10 Points

Purchase the VX Land Obliterator.

Spray Them Down 10 Points

Purchase the Deranian Chaingun.

Ol' Skinny 25 Points

Purchase The Line of Death.

Lazy 50 Points

Purchase all of the Auto-fire turrets.

Lock And Load 50 Points

Purchase every single turret.

The Eternal Sleep 50 Points

Get the bad ending.

The Awakening 100 Points

Get the good ending.

The VX Specialist 100 Points

Beat the entire game without purchasing a single gun.

Author Comments

An increasingly difficult defense game with 4 controllable turrets, 3 autofire turrets, and tons of upgrades to explore.

January 22nd, 2010 - Fixed a bug which made you unable to select your main laser cannon.

A Narcolyxii, a strange alien creature, has invaded your mind, causing you to experience the last moments of your life from the assault on your base over and over again. Though each time you conquer your nightmare, you feel a little closer to reality...

Perhaps you will be one of the few that has ever escaped the grasp of the Narcolyxii.

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Not so bad, but it gets boring over time and that thing when you get the bad ending and cant get the good one without playing it over is well pitty. thanks for some medals anyway.

This mix of tower defence with nightmares is very impressive to me :) Great job :)

I enjoyed the game- the concept was interesting, and probably could have worked for a more psychological game play instead of a tower-defense, but still suited the game. The atmosphere was pretty suspenseful- and the option to buy more will power added a sense of foreboding. The graphics and animation were good, the sound and music fitting.

But the gameplay, the actual programming, was poor. Far too many bugs and glitches:
The medals don't work. Having to start the game again to have another go at the final struggle. The automatic guns stuck with me, even after I started a new game, which meant I didn't have to do anything. I could never fully upgrade my ground gun, as it never stopped presenting the first upgrade. Having to click on a gun to change was annoying, a number system may have worked better for quick changes.

I am interested in seeing where the story goes- that part is what's giving this game most of it's stars, but I'm a bit worried the gameplay won't be worth it.

Medals Broken

Even after all the bad reviews of the game, in which I also agree with. I tried to play the game to get the medals. However practically all the gun medals are broken. The only one that isn't is the liquid nitrogen generator.


The reasons why you're getting any rating from me is because you put some effort into this game, it has some nice effects story-wise, and it's actually decently better than what quite a few people submit to Newgrounds.

But I'll ask you this: was your mind even into making this game? As so many people have said before, it's full of glitches and bugs, it reeks of unpolished packaging, and there are a dozen logical faults. Hell, you even went so far as to make a rough save game feature, only to kick the guy in the nuts if he fails the "wake up" segment, because it autosaves after every termination of the defense wave, success or failure. Or lack of, choose your pick. And you said to a user named BluGil that you couldn't be arsed to complete your own game in a single sitting (an hour). That doesn't raise red flags to you? Now I can understand time constraints, but at the very least, I get the feeling that you didn't exactly have passion in making the game itself.

I don't have enough space in this review to nitpick all of the garbage in this game, so instead, I'll refer you to the pits of review score hell. Just click on "### reviews", sort by rating, and click on the very last page. Most of the reviews marked "helpful" hit your problems in the face.

In addition, since I didn't immediately find these issues addressed, here are some things I didn't like about this game, and will actually say in this review:

--Quickest way to win the game is to shoot the static rectangle in wave 1, then fail the wave. Play the wave again. Repeat 9x more times. OR if you don't have the spacebar mashing sk1llz, do this after you get the Strong Will upgrade.

--On my quest to get medals, I apparently got the "Lazy" medal after purchasing the Stasis Generator, which needs to be RMA'd anyways. I don't believe it's supposed to work automatically, or it probably takes an infeasibly long time to load and fire. What's even scarier is that it was the last gun I bought, so who knows where else you screwed this up.

--You offered players who win the game the chance to play the beta version of Narcolyxii II. I was so scared of what I saw in this game (not because of the story itself, mind you), I didn't even want to try it. Then it disappeared after I reloaded the flash game via browser refresh. No immediate opportunity to finish the game and unlock the "offer" yet again, unless you beat the game the "cheater" way.

--Use the WASD keys during the wave aftermath scenes to see the guy float. Or use the arrow keys to see the guy sleep walk or something ... er, float-walk? I dunno... but he disappears whenever you go left, regardless of which set of keys you use.

You know what, actually I'm kinda curious to see how badly you screwed up the second game too. But this review isn't for that. The gist of it is that you need to be deadly efficient at stopping unintended glitches from happening, learn better person-friendly designs, and make sure you get some beta testing done. I'm sure the game could have came out 50% better if you polished it up.

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2010
6:17 PM EST
Strategy - Artillery