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World'sHardestQuizBeta SV

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This is the World's Hardest Quiz Beta soundless version. It is my first game. I hope you'll like it.
The questions range from easy to crazily hard. You'll need good thinking skills and some luck to pass it.
Find the music-filled version here, but be warned, the file is huge!
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/527388

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You should make the questions with more logic and fix a glitch i found in the question Wheres Waldo and make better the grafics I know is beta but you can improve hope this help you out

Its a beta

that's for sure...

Things to do before the full release:
Tidy the graphics up
Theres a glitch on the "Wheres Waldo" question (By the way, its wheres Wally, because it was british first... but I digress...) The o in World changes the mouse.
Add the music (although you did mention that)

All in all, when you bring the full version out, all should be well, but I can't vote high on something that's incomplete. As for the rating, so far 4/10, but I'm sure you'll improve it in the full release.

I liked the original version better...

But it's still great!

Good Game

Need I say more?