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A very Berky Valentines

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A valentine to the internet! As I felt it would be appropriate. Sit , enjoy, comment and what have you

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everything you said is true...except that thing happened in the end XD

blank0000 responds:

its deep stuff man. That explosion was a metaphor for my heart exploding with a passion for all that is and ever was. REggie is the universe and the dot in the corner is a blot upon the clean white painless of life that we must all see if we are to experience the truth of life liberty and the persuasion of B.S metaphors. :D

I hate the name Berky!!!!

I tad slow, not lag wise, just the flash was a bit drawn out, but on the other hand it was cute. It would be a 5 but the name Berky is in it, so 6 it is!

blank0000 responds:

but you say you hate the name Berky...yet it improved my score! I AM CONFUSED! I'll admit the humors slow, still I want to get in the habit of posting more often and hopefully improving. Thanks for the review, every lil bit help.


I just wasn't that amused by the humour and the face that I read nahtanojmal's review about the heart looking like a butt ruined it for me :( Also what he meant by the fade is how when you fade everything, you can see each separate layer that you've animated. What he's suggesting is that you create a layer of either solid black or solid white that covers the entire stage, then use that as the fader so everything fades at the same time without showing the individual layers.

blank0000 responds:

huh, that sounds like it would work. Thanks for clearing that up., and for reviewing

Everyone was probrably thinking....

All the way through I thought you were going to do something with the fact that the heart (if upsidedown) looks kind of like a but. Anyways nice little animation.
Watch out for those fades and how you see the objects mesh together. try fading a solid colour on top of it all.

blank0000 responds:

I...never noticed that...my world has just been rocked!

Also, could you PM in a little more detail about that fade thing? When you say "fade a solid color" what does that entail? Thank you !

not quite true

These days if you don't give a gift you are instantly dumped.
But sometimes they don't care about gifts

blank0000 responds:

Being a single man myself I don't have to worry about such things :D MY MONEY is my valentine! Thanks for the review!