Young Lovers

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Near the New Year I decided to create a Valentine's Day cartoon. I worked and I toiled on it, and what do you know? I got it done on time!
This cartoon is a satire of young love, true love and marriage. Two kids decide to play a game called "Boyfriend and Girlfriend" with each other. It's all fun and games, until they play a game called "marriage"!
As far as I know, there are no glitches in this cartoon. I checked it more thoroughly than my last one. Hope you enjoy!
Also see it at http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=pkEVaM3wbp4
Oh, and sorry. It's not hentai! :P
All the music is royalty free from Microsoft Clip Art.



His eye-lashes, dear god his eye lashes!
No offense but the mid-life crisis joke just saved this whole animation, the rest was all kinda bland.

dogsinthecathouse responds:

Hehe, whoa, this a blast to the past! I made this animation nearly four years ago!
You're probably right, I'm pretty sure I recall this one being pretty slowly paced until the end. To be honest though, I haven't even seen this cartoon in years, and I don't really feel like looking back at it right now since, as you noted, I recall most of it not being particularly interesting. Thanks for the review though! I always appreciate it! :)

improvement needed

it was ok at best. I didnt find it too funny, the art was lacking some, and the animation you did have in it was below average. the voices were a little on the downside as well. you do have potential, so work on your style and animation. I can see you becoming a great animator in the future if you work on improving those things.

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dogsinthecathouse responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I rushed it a little, so I should have spent a little more time making the animation look better. And I know the voices sound a little demented. I have a low voice naturally and even though I can change the pitch, it's hard to make my voice sound like a kid's voice. But I'll try to work on ways I can do the voices better.

great ending!

the animation was pretty well done. The beginning wasn't as good as the ending. Really like when they decided to play mid life crisis.

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That was pretty funny, it reminded me of South Park for some reason.

dogsinthecathouse responds:

It was probably the voices that reminded you of South Park. I happen to be a huge South Park fan, so that probably affects my style.

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3.14 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2010
9:42 AM EST
Comedy - Original