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Super Smash

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Thank you for the frontpage!

This is a film I recently finished titled Super Smash. It sprung from a sketch I drew where I re-designed Mario, Luigi and Toad as I thought they would appear in our world.

This was my first attempt at making a flash film and I made quite a few mistakes. I discovered a thousand ways not to make a flash and one possible way to make one. That being said, this is not the complete version because I had trouble with combining all the scenes and exporting. SO here is my disclaimer...

After watching, you can view the completed film here...

Thank you again

-Ferguson Winston

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Been more than a decade and I still enjoy this animation and the interesting concept design! Had a good laugh at Luigi's power up lmao

my big bro showed me this when i was 13 and i love toads design in this animation

sorta feels like attack on titan

Classic. This was one of my favorite animations as a kid. Watched it many times over. Love your concept of Luigi in particular.

Ahh..... I remember watching this on Youtube back in a day. I really don't know when i was first watching this, since i haven't watching this animation for a long time.