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EEnE Z Episode 7

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Another two months and three days, another episode. I think this one came out a little rushed towards the end, so my apologies. Also, I did not mean for the Mayor to turn out looking like a pimp (or a member of the press), it was unintentional.

Anyway, fans of the series should like this episode, and people just getting in to the series should start from Episode 1.

So, the second half of the Heritage Saga begins today, with Episode 7 of Ed, Edd, n' Eddy Z. Enjoy it.

UPDATE: 2-12-10
The problems (visual) have been fixed. Don't know why the buttons do that, but I guess it can't be helped right now...

UPDATE: 3-25-10
Check here for some important news regarding the continuation of the series. Yes, my old computer crashed.

http://ssj5g.newgrounds.c om/news/post/450721

There is a space in the above link.

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patrickrc1 they didnt sense them they used meditation and saw them while meditation cause meditation is good kinda how do you think tien got 3 eyes he miditated so hard he got three eyes also like the series i watched it on youtube im on episode 23 right now it is doing great so far


If the characters couldnt sense the androids in the Dragonball Z series why CAN they sense them in this one

Funny and Nice

It was Funny when Corey Said Kage Bunshin No Jut-- Wait Wrong series...
And Nice One


eddy was almost toasted if drew wasnt
there pretty close


dude, i look forward to ep. 8!

SSJ5G responds:

It's on YouTube. If I uploaded it here without any music (I can't add it for some bizarre reason), it'd be blammed to all hell, so yeah...

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Feb 11, 2010
10:40 PM EST