Elite Tetris

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Insert the blocks painted in colors in order to destroy them and preventing filling up the screen.

Use the arrow keys to move and spin the blocks.


Another Tetris Clone

At best, this is a semi-decent Tetris clone, with a solid presentation. However, it's lacking in too many things to make it stand out from the others scattered copiously throughout the internet.

For one, you can't speed-drop the blocks, only instantly teleport them to the bottom. This slows down the pacing of the game terribly, and also can be a cheap blow to unsuspecting players.

Also, the blocks can only rotate in one direction, a common problem with many Tetris clones on the internet, and a hindrance to the formula of the game.

Finally, without the ability to choose your starting level or music, the game stuck with no variety.

While this is not a faithful Tetris clone, there have definitely been worse. But one day there could be one better, and this is not it.


it's a good, solid tetris clone

it does not deserve elite status, however, due to its unoriginality, there are a million of tetris games on the internet, and this simply does not stand out for me.

the graphics are clean, but nothing special, and there simply is no wow factor.

nice job, but you can do better if you try harder.

A goood game...

But it doesn't bring anything new to the table. Give it something a little extra so that it is just a clone.

nothing new.

ok so you say this is elite tetris? what makes it elite? i've seen tetris done this way at LEAST a dozen times.
a faithful recreation, and nothing more.

Hungarian Song #5!

Tetris is an okay but there are too many Tetris games out there. I only really like this game because of that 1 song.

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2.81 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2010
7:21 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling