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Author Comments

Clear infected computer circuity of the viruses with your Salamanda Mk-1, the most sophisticated defense we have available.

Fight through enemy waves and destroy each of the bosses. 9 levels of sidescrolling shooter fun.

Heavily inspired by the classics - like R-type and Saint Dragon. This was great fun to make, though I think it's missing some extra fun aspect. Please let me know what you think I could improve in this game. I designed the games graphics, made the music in GarageBand and wrote the code, weee!


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A standard game

Looks like you kicked 2010 off with a really good game that has everything you could ever want in a shooting game! One of the reasons I like this so much is that its style kind of reminds me of ZekeySpaceyLizard (dang, I still miss him). I thought the enemies were really well created and the powerups too. It is especially cool how the virus just goes down and blows up gradually when it is defeated. It was cool when you were just firing off screen and happened to hit one of the guys coming up. In conclusion, everything was very nice.

Since you asked...

This game has potential to be superfun. The worm moves in a very nice way and you can learn to use that as a shield sometimes. The enemies aren't bad and, even though they follow patterns in movement, they can still provide challenge.


That challenge should not rely on the fact that you fire weak bullets at a slowmotion ratio. Someone suggested an upgrade system, which would seriously improve the game. It doesn't have to be too complex: manouverability, shot damage, armour, fire rate. 4 possibilities of upgrading that add strategy and interest to the game.

Be bold, add weapons you can buy and upgrade. And then make the enemies increasingly hard.

As it is I didn't bother picking up money or bonus letter as it usually ended up with me bumping against some evil little nanobot. But it would be worth the risk if money meant upgrades.

This could be superfun, really. You've got talent, it's well encoded, so get to work and upgrade the game. Congrats!

Not Bad

It's a neat side scrolling shooter. Though some of the game aspects are frustrating.

Since it takes 2-3 shots to destroy an enemy, the worm's rate of fire needs to be increased, there needs to be less enemies on the screen, or the worm should be capable of a charged shot.

I like that the lack of power ups forces you to be on the defensive, but perpetual drain of the power-ups is irritating. They should be consumed only on firing. This would add a bit of strategy to the game.

A quick review

Well, I've got a quick review for terrypaton1:

- the shooting pace is too low, sometimes when you don't have an upgrade, you can't kill anything.
- you can foresee the enemies pattern easily, that's bad => leads to boredom
- I like the idea of blocking shots with your tail, a plus on that !
- and I like the idea of the moving platforms at the bottom. But you might consider putting 'em on the top row too, it would make the game more intense.

So...yeah...I guess those are my 4 points for now.
Just raise the speed a bit, add more special weapons and make the enemies go nuts while you deflect stuff with your tail.

7/10 (for now)

Why am I a computer worm?

I'm suppose to be a "defense" while I'm a computer worm?

Credits & Info

2.08 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2010
4:59 AM EST