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UPDATE (Oct 12, 2010): It's now possible to continue the game from the last checkpoint reached after returning to the menu or closing the game. Some minor bug fixes.

UPDATE (Mar 15, 2010): Two new multiplayer levels have been added!

G-Switch is a simple concept taken to the extreme. The one-button gravity switch mechanic allows for a very fast-paced game with interesting gameplay that is very intense and addictive.

In the main game mode you have to complete 8 checkpoint sections, where your skills will be pushed to the limit in a carefully thought-out level design.

In Endless mode you have the addictive challenge of beating your high score, in a level that's different each time you play it!

Remember the good old days when you'd play games with friends that were actually physically next to you? Here's your chance to revive that spirit like never before, with a multiplayer mode for up to 6 players on one keyboard!

I hope you have as much fun playing this game as I had creating it!


Not deep, but great fun with friends!

A pretty cool concept, most fun with 2-4 players.

Great Game!

This game is great. The only thing is that I find it to be rather glitchy, BUT the challenge in this game keeps you playing it. This is a great game to spare time

used to be good. after the glitch..... not so much

i used to give this a ten but since i died so early after the checkpoint i run very very very very fast from the start. now its a three

Yes, I'm good at it

Ah dang it, I thought the game "Grayinator" was the first game to use this! Anyway, this was a lot of fun to play if only because, once again, I was really good at it. This is a game where you really have to test your hand-eye coordination and time everything just perfectly. It seemed to have a great CGI appeal to it, considering it was made in Flash (I assume). The only thing I did not like was how there could in fact have been some more detail. It did not seem like there was not a lot in the background.

It's great how this game manages to be really fast paced and the controls are simple enough so as to not make it too difficult. It's fun to just hear the sound of the guy flipping everywhere. Extra credit for showing you exactly how far you had to go into the game. One problem some people have is that they have no idea how long the level is going to end. It kind of makes you more motivated to take your time with what you have.


I thought this was great! Such a simple idea perfectly executed to make an incredibly fun and challenging game. I could play this for hours. In fact I've been sitting here playing this for at least 20 minutes with Left4Dead paused and all but forgotten in the background.

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4.03 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2010
10:15 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other