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Turtillion island

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Author Comments

Use your arrow keys to move your character around the island to collect turtle eggs from the beach and place them in the warm hatchery. Keep the hatchery warm by rotating your solar panel towards the sun which will keep your battery topped up which powers the hatchery. In the evening and on less sunny days you may also need to top up the battery pedaling your bicycle which also generates electricity. Save as many turtle eggs before your time runs out!

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very well put together game

very well put together, honestly, although like others have said, it probably won't hold the attention span of people here on newgrounds for very long. but still, its obvious you could do some pretty good things

GameSquat responds:

thankyou, yes this game is aimed at teen girls so probably not your average newgrounds user. Thankyou for the comment!

Pretty fun

It was pretty fun to get the eggs but not more then that.

Somehow it reminds me of Super Mario Sunshine.


Remember, Kids!

Don't build your own solar-powered turtle egg hatchery and poach sea turtle eggs at home!

- The game could entertain a six year old, but I doubt anyone on Newgrounds would play it for long... it just seems not well thought out and very base. The graphics were the only redeeming quality.

Nice.. and enjoyable

Great Graphics, fitting music, but boring game play.

Pretty good!

It really looks good, but it's not really that fun! Don't get me wrong, I really like your game, but I don't see the fun part in picking eggs up and dropping them off. :P