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Slice: Fortress Defence

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Author Comments

Fight hordes of monsters trying to scale your Fortress walls.

How To Play:
1) Click Units in Top Left to Select
2) Click Arches to Place and Upgrade Units
3) Collect Hearts by touching them with Mouse
4) Speed Time by placing Mouse in Bottom Left of screen
5) Sell selected Unit by pressing Delete Key (Click Mouse on Unit First)

1) A little gold star by your men means enough experience and gold to level-up - just click them to gain a level
2) Collect hearts to boost your starting heath up to 100
3) Spend all your money :)

This is my second Flash game, and my first written without the Flash IDE. I used FlashDevelop and AS3 ( Would have added the NG Loader if I could load fla! ) and for graphics I used Curvy 3D 2.0 a fast and easy sketch based modeller http://www.curvy3d.com

v1.1 Fixed a Replay bug
v1.2 Fixed Preloader Bar
v1.3 Fixed Wave frequency
v1.4 *Really* Fixed Wave frequency (Slip of the keyboard made it 3x speed - ouch!)
v1.5 Added Sell Unit & Smoothed the difficulty curve out
v1.6 Added Pause & Mute buttons
v1.95 New Combat GFX

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Coll, but some bug was found.

Cool game. Watching for updated time from time. Last time when i played it i saw some bugs like this - http://clip2net.com/page/m0/5111064 .

c3d responds:

I missed the clip2net image, was missing when I looked - perhaps NG munged the URL?

The next update will be a new game upload - version 2.0. 10 Maps, 2 new game modes, and a tonne of new units and enemies. Coming soon!

OK at first then repetitious.

Much too hard 2 days ago. Now too easy and game goes AWOL at level 140. The baddies get stuck with their health nearly zero and XPoints go negative.
A big gltch.

needs work on waves

this could be a very addictive game
there are 1 or 2 major problems and 1 minor
major 1 the waves when they come [level 30 plus ]
the first wave to come into range get shot the faster latter waves just overtake these and go on to the top if the tower [taking your lives ] with out taking hits
major 2 they are to hard after wave 50 i have played this nearly 100 time with numerous layouts the best i ever had was level 75 [and the last few waves where just watching my lives go down ]
minor 1 the terrible sound and no way to mute it it is very annoying and no way to pause the game but if these issues where fixed it could be a great game
PS the wizards [mages ] suck they need to have more power for the gold cost to power ratio
many thanks gamerboy8169

pss this has been keeping me off cod mw2 so you must be close on it


One suggestion: is it possible to include a "pause game" option?
I played and played and played... but I can not make it past wave 80. Still working on my strategy... Archers are very efficient, especially at level 10, and in groups. I'm not very satisfied with mages efficiency... but as I said, I'm still trying various placements. Good job!

Very good game

My only issue was that once I had filled all my spaces I had no way of removing or changing units, so I was stuck with what I put down... Got bored around level 66 using 1 red mage, 1 necromancer, 3 swordsmen, 1 boiling oil, and everything else archers. If you made a way to change out units it would make this game far more enjoyable for me.

c3d responds:

I agree, I can add a 'sell' option, perhaps hover & press delete key.

EDIT: You can now Sell units by hovering the moue over them and pressing delete. You recover their gold, but not the XP they earnt.
- If Delete does not work, click on the unit and try again - Flash needs keyboard focus...

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2010
6:59 PM EST