My Pet Protector 2

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Take your heroic minor and help him develop into the kingdom's most glorious hero.. Get a job, go to school, rebuild the village and raid dungeons for their untold riches.. Will you ultimately be a hero, or simply a zero?

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Always got to love the improvements on stats.


There's a lot to be said about how this game could be improved. I am not even talking about additional content, just pure old gameplay.
- why can't I access my inventory in dungeons to equip new gear
- why can't I run away from battles while in the dungeon?
- and so on and so on
The thing that made me rate the game as low as I did is the ridiculous amount of Kongregate exclusive content - if you prefer Kongregate, fine, but don't give us half a game to play...

I like the game. It kind of reminds me of a game called Project Princess, but on the other end of the spectrum. xD I had to play it on Kongregate to finish it completely though. I'm not sure if rank 5 is good or bad but that's what my last game score ended up at. The game is fine but there are a few problems, so here they are, plus some ideas.

-Someone mentioned unique animations for he jobs and training, why would you take that out?
-There's way too much missing in combat.
-There needs to be a way to tell the "level" of the dungeon, so you don't waltz right in to a super hard one that requires max stats and kill yourself.
-Speaking of that, even with max magic/strength I had a frustratingly hard time beating enemies in the demon and second titan dungeon. I was literally doing 11 damage to one of the 600-health 50-damage enemies. With a weapon that supposedly does 56 damage. Enemies that aren't wearing armour shouldn't have armour points.
-No bosses? It got very samey since there are only like 5-7 enemies. Sometimes the blue chest was out in the open, other times just guarded by a normal enemy.
-The environment never changes. It doesn't matter if you're in a volcano, a cave, or the tundra. Same wood floor, same cave background texture, same enemies. I'd like to see it as a sidescroller/platformer, and maybe rely more on skill than just stats.
-The music got boring, maybe add different music for the dungeon sequences, shop, etc. Or even different music for each level environment.
-Many stats aren't explained well... I still have no idea what a lot of them do even when I have them maxed out.
-It is WAY too hard to find the resting areas. Just make him find it immediately.
-Female characters? More customization, maybe?
-In-game quests to earn money (required amount of compassion, charisma, etc)?

That's really all I got.. Just a few ideas if you have a sequel in the works. I like this type of game so it'd be interesting to see how you can change it up next time. :P

I'm sad the game hasn't gotten as much views than i expected, but for me it's a really good game.

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4.07 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2010
3:44 PM EST
Adventure - RPG