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The Mac & Cheze Show

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Happy Kid Show Day.

FF 2010

My voice sounds so sexy in the intro..

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fucking brilliant

i lold hard

Golly Gee

-Oh shucks. With the beginning I thought you were actually going to create some sort of scary oldies style kids show but as it progressed I was sadly mistaken.

-Well the video was a little shocking since it's a cat devouring what appears to be an already dead mouse. The quality could of also been much better since it's very difficult to even discern what the cat is eating.

-Review Request Club


Intro is very promising, but the looped video at the end was just silly.

You could've turned that into something decent by adding some animations to it and a little "story" of how the cat gets the mice, but only the intro followed by the video hardly shows any effort at all.

{ Review Request Club }

Was that a dead mouse?

I'm almost positive it was by the end of the loop, but I think that I should know better than to expect proper flash movies from you :P

The start seemed demure enough, but it just came back to be a real kick in the sack, when it moves to video that wasn't particularly good quality on the video front and the theme for Sandford & Son seems over used, particularly on things like this. Oh well, I suppose it wasn't the Benny Hill theme.

You could or even should have had some animation there with the mouse running up to the cat and saying "Look [cat's name], I made cupcakes! Want to try one?", then the screen goes static and the cat eating the mouse video rolls. Possibly some cupcakes and a tray lie discarded to the side...

[Review Request Club]

Well damn...

The intro was very cool, I always love the old time feel of the grainy black and white footage. However when the show started my eyes almost popped out of my head. Thankfully I wasn't eating at the time. >>;
Tom never got Jerry like that.

DaveCoulierClock responds:

Every time Tom would actually eat Jerry, Jerry would light a fire or something to get out. That's just silly.