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Master of Double Take

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Author Comments

The goal of Double Take is to remove all the cards on the screen.

Click any open card and match it with another card of the same number or suit. The cards covered by other cards are unclickable until you remove the cards that block them.

Good luck!

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Reminds me of Mahjonng

This game reminds me of Mahjonng... It's basic matching, with just the twist with the deck.

Its a pretty good game...

...but I've found a couple of bugs.

The first is a blatant scoring error. If you click on the card from the deck first and match it with a card on the board, everything works fine. However, if you click on a card that's on the board first, and then click to match it with a card from the deck, the cards are matched and removed but no score is given for removing them. I cleared the entire board several times and scored less than 900, and could not figure out why until I found this.

Another bug, although you might have done this on purpose, is that if you have a card from the deck out, and you click the deck to get a new card, the old card just disappears, even if you clear the remaining cards in the deck. In normal solitaires, the new card from the deck covers the old card, but if you clear that card you can get back to the old card. I'm not sure if that was done on purpose or not, as it does provide an added challenge, but its not conventional by other solitaire standards.

I think this game is getting some lower votes for a couple of reasons... I think a lot of people are passing over directions or not fully understanding and trying to match strictly by rank and not also by suit, which obviously makes this game close to impossible. Also, the directions don't clearly explain how the deck works with cards disappearing if you take another card over it. There's also no reset button, which makes games like this frustrating if you want to just start a new game and there's no way to do it short of finishing the game or refreshing the browser. Sadly, while the game has some pretty fresh and original pieces to it, some of the mechanics are very old, like matching cards, matching suits, clearing cards that cover each other, and so forth. While it is a nice and interesting game, it just doesn't jump out at you and scream pure originality, which most people save their 4 and 5 votes for. Also, I think this game is in the wrong genre, as it's closer to solitaire than to a casino table game, and obviously there is no betting or gambling feature in the game.

Fix the scoring error, fix the deck bug or at least clearly explain how the deck works, include a new game/back to menu button, and this is a pretty nice solitaire-type game. It might not end up on the all-time high score list, but take into account what I've already mentioned, and the fact that games like this are not for everybody, and be satisfied with what you have achieved with this game.

Very good

At first I was going to complain it was too simple, that there was no way to re-deal the cards if you got frustrated halfway through the game and that it was just another desktop game.

But then I got addicted to it and am so frustrated I cannot beat the score of 750 that I have just been playing over and over.

So congrats, you made an addictive game!

Nice and relaxing.

This game is simple, nice and its music helps you relax a lot. Good work!

Kenney responds:

Thanks for the review :) Although the current score makes me a little sad :(

Credits & Info

1.56 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2010
2:18 AM EST