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Bubba Time

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Author Comments

"Bubba Time" is an Action/Puzzle game where you must use your ability to bend time to avoid diferent obstacles.

"Bubba Time" was originaly designed for CODEAR MASH-UP CONTEST. Using element of 2 or more diferent games, you were supposed to make a whole new game.

As many of you must have noticed we choose to merge 1986's classic "Solomon's Key" whit a original moder game such as "Braid"


Use the Left/Right Arrows to make Bubba walk. Hit the Up Arrow to make Bubba jump or enter an open door. Press the Down Arrow to make Bubba Crouch.(or use WASD)

Place and/or Remove blocks with Z (or J).
Bend Time by pressing X (or K).

Pres Escape to open the menu (Restart level, go back to the main room, mute the game, change quality etc.)


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Great game with nice mapping, gameplay and music :D


Love the art, and the gameplay :D

killabunnies responds:

Thanks Marcos.


Great game, graphics, physics engine, controls, story line etc. etc. Copy and paste everything everyone else said into this comment.


If you BEAT THE GAME, (the last level where you re-collect all the cogs), and you click "Play Again" after the credits, you CANNOT play the secret level that opens in your room. You have to re-beat all of the levels all over again. This pissed me off to no end, as I checked out my room before playing the last level and was like "hey cool, a secret super hard level. I'll come back to this after I beat the last level". And 'lo and behold, beating the game means you can't. I don't have the patience to sit through another play-through of all of the levels just to get to the secret level again. You really should - at the end of the credits - put two options: CONTINUE, or NEW GAME. That way there's no confusion and no butt hurt people like me.

So, just because of that, 5/10 and 2/5.

killabunnies responds:

It's really a shame you didn't like that.

When making the game design we had to decide either if the secret levels in your room was kept open or closed and we decided that this was the best call.

Thanks for the feedback, we will remember it when designing our next game.

Great Game

Great Game, The several concepts within the game and the easter egg kept me playing to the end. The only problem in this game is lag during the "Slow me" finale- keeping it slow so long made the game itself slow down. I would love to see a sequel

killabunnies responds:

Glad you liked the easter egg!

Frustrating, but in a good way.

I have to say, this is a fun game. The later levels can be frustrating, but were never so bad as to make me give up. Graphics are high-quality and cute, puzzles are suitably mindbending, and the Easter egg (Or should that be Easter bunny?) was good for quite a laugh. Good work all around!

killabunnies responds:

It's a killabunnie costume (just in case you haven't noticed is the logo of the studio turned into a suit)

Glad you liked it!

Credits & Info

4.58 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2010
5:53 PM EST