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Purely a personal project about internet jokes making their way into my life at inappropriate times. The character (Reynold Dunbar) is based off of a couple of kids from our school. If you're somehow offended by this, you might be a part of the problem.

Long story short, if you're using over 9000 in real life nobody knows what you are talking about and you look like a dick in front of everyone.

Animated by Brandon Denney
Joust logo by Ivan Betancourt
Vocal Talents by Sean Drennen
Reynold's Theme by Jonathan Pfahl

^Collectively known as Joust Animations. See credits for more information.


Good message

I like the point of it, and the music. It's just that you did too good of a job making Reynold Dunbar an annoying reject, and caused this flash to annoy me haha.

Just like how you are supposed to never go full retard, never go full annoy-tard (even if it's a made up word)

Ying-yong responds:

You now know how I feel. Thank you.

His power level

It was way over 9000.....

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Good flash

Yeah, "over 9000" was funny once but people really shouldn't use this meme anymore. In fact, people shouldn't use any memes. Rickroll wasn't funny from the start, and Chuck Norris jokes... well, actually there are quite a few funny jokes.

Anyway, this flash is quite good. It shows how the constant use of memes and shitty jokes can take out the fun for everyone.

The voice acting is quite good, only the sound quality is a bit low. But you added subtitles for a better understanding, which is always a nice thing.
Musical selection was good as well, fits the flash nicely.

Also, yes I found the easter egg and got stuck. :(

{ Review Request Club }

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Ying-yong responds:

Lol, thanks for the suggestions.

Quite insightful

I can certainly agree that this piece is very insightful oif the way that kids act about internet memes, having met a few of the less well adjusted kids myself. Sadly, Reynold Dunbar just happens to be one of these individuals, that falls prey to the ecstasy of finding those piece of shit jokes funny for longer than one or two occurrences.

The animation is lovely and smooth, though I think that when you were putting in the code, you could have had a single shot of the screen and show the code being input into the computer at the right speed - it would have looked much better. The only other issue I had with the animation itself was when Reynold started talking - his mouth took up most of his face and the pupils seemed to move around his eyes rather erratically.

Good plot, decent animation, funny jokes. Please give us more.

[Review Request Club]

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Ying-yong responds:

I can justify the animation - his mouth is big because he talks LOUDLY.

Thanks for the review, suggest it to Tom if you like it.

Quite hilarious

It seems it only took one person to ruin it for everyone else.

Animation: Seems a little artsy and as if it was rushed but it actually seemed to look a lot better that way with the plot line of this little story.

Audio: Old classy music much?

Storyline: Apparently he has always wanted to see an alien and when he finds one or vice-versa, he get's it pissed off and it destroys humanity after it gets annoyed.

Overall: Creative and funny. Nice job.

Review Request Club


Ying-yong responds:

"Rushed but it looked better that way" ????

Well, I'm glad you like it. Thank you for the review.

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3.37 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2010
7:45 PM EST
Comedy - Original