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Here's another update to this new upcoming game I got going on. Please give me insights, ideas, what do you guys want from me?! lol, okay, just tell me what you all think. It isn't finished yet.

And a hint ( Click Resident Evil 1, then click tyrant to play as him (since that's all I have for right now) and I'm sure you can try to figure out the rest from there.

Oh yeah and I never mentioned, that is me playing the piano for realz.


Not bad, but you're still pretty early yet

All in all, the idea behind the game(s?) looks great. You're doing a good job with everything for the most part. I will say, the part where you're breaking out of the tube was a bit awkward. Definitely include some more detailed instructions when you release the full game. A hint system would probably not be amiss either, depending on how challenging you want this to be (is it meant to be a puzzle type game, perhaps?)

Anyway, it looks great and all, but you aren't ready to post this yet soooo...

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A couple of quick points..

1. Durring your menu choices you really need to have a solid contrasting background. They are not easy to read once you select an episode.

2. Sound controls are nice.

3. In game controls/instructions are needed, I didn't have a clue what was going on, it almost seemed to be a stare at this for a minute then we will ask you to press the spacebar type thing. I don't like to set and mash keys.

4. If it is a set and wait and press spacebar type game you should say that, or preferable move away from that. It makes it feel more like a not very interactive movie. If you want to go the interactive story path you should add more story, and have it be player advanced (choose your own adventure is also not a bad thing).

I think this needs a lot of improvement, however you know that. The project seems pretty ambitious and I wish you well on it. However, as it stands I can't give this a very good score, but I also won't blam it. 2/5, 3/10.

I like the idea

Why base this on the Resident Evil series? You could write your own story. You had all the games listed there too, are you planning to do all of them at the same time?

I like the idea of being able to play as the bad super zombie. Would be fun trying to spread the infection and kill the people around. Your background work seems nice but could use a little brush. There was a computer in the first room, would really have liked to be able to use it, or at least break it.

The animation on his movements could use a brush up too, that leg kinda just came up a bit high.

Definately could be something good.

it looks good.

but i dont know how i move on...got tyrant alittle ways


that spinning thing is really annoying, other than that its alright...
good luck with it.

PS: Try to put a hand or something as the cursor.

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Jan 24, 2010
5:31 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click