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Here's another update to this new upcoming game I got going on. Please give me insights, ideas, what do you guys want from me?! lol, okay, just tell me what you all think. It isn't finished yet.

And a hint ( Click Resident Evil 1, then click tyrant to play as him (since that's all I have for right now) and I'm sure you can try to figure out the rest from there.

Oh yeah and I never mentioned, that is me playing the piano for realz.



nothing happens when i click on the the thing the screen just goes up and down

A Good Promise

Well the concept is good but u need more content to publish a demo
u should try to remove the unusable buttons for now and add it after u get on it

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Not bad

It seems not bad,as far as i saw.
Anyway,i would suggest you to finish or get it complete at almost 80% before posting again.
That's not a problem for me,but you'll keep getting bad revs,i warn you.

-The music doesn't loop (or at least i was unable to hear it after a while)
-The gameplay isn't much accurate,and i often had no idea of what to do.
Come on,when you're playing as a tyrant,there's no need to take the easiest way XD

You have talent,and this game may go pretty far,but i would suggest you to get it more action oriented and less puzzle oriented.
Anyway,these are my personal opinions.Take your conclusions :D

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good concept

didnt get to play it much though. im checkin on my flash submission

good job. finish it though

It seems like it'll be a good game. I expect more to be done after

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2.96 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2010
5:31 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click