Dungeon Escape FPS

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Update: Added a crosshair, because it was hard to hit enemies without knowing where your shooting.

Aim at the horrible monsters, and shoot.
Use your best skills to escape the horrid Dungeon of Doom.

This first person shooter is a video game that tests your shooting skills. If you happen to die while your escaping the dungeon, that will be a game over. You will not escape!

Good Luck, you will need it.


pretty good

but it needs work on the graphics, and the aiming is a little wierd. its hard for me to see the crosshairs, but other than that, its pretty fun. although you really should have put more time into this and it would have turned out better

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Good job.

Good game and scripting but sloppy Graffix. Improving on the size of the sights and Editing the gun image so it wold come off the bottom of the screed kinda like doom style i think it would help people aim better and improve the over all game play. Besides that some of the monsters are to close and no depth feel, i wouldn't mind if it had a story to it.

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Roumd responds:

Thanks for the review, I'll pratice my graffix more often now.

prety good but not the best

it definitely needs some work, the art wasn't great and it is in dire need of some kind of sighting system, but overall it is a good concept

Roumd responds:

Thanks, yeah, I have to work on my art skills.

Pretty Good, but a few problems.

I thought it was a fairly good mini-shooter, and it was fairly well-designed. I made it to the second part.

However, I realized that the gun and the actual mouse positions were a bit offset so that the barrel of the gun didn't match up to where the bullet went, which made it extremely hard to hit the very small targets that were the health and ammo pickups. Also, the hit detection was a bit shaky.

Overall, though, It was quite good. :)

Roumd responds:

Thanks, I updated it, so now you can see where you shoot.

Needs Work

I suggest you make it so that the enemies cannot be lower than the bottom of the screen. Sometimes I would see enemies down there that i cannot hit. Also, I suggest make a crosshairs to show precisely where the gun is aiming and/or make targets easier to hit. I wasted 20 shots trying to hit an ammo increase only to get 14 shots from it : ( .

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Roumd responds:

Yeah. I went with the crosshair idea, and updated the game. Thanks for the review.

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2.93 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2010
7:59 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail