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The Faces Of Newgrounds

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NOTE: (apparently this movie sucks and you shouldn't watch it.)

I finally finished this. I decided to not be so ambitious, and keep is simple. After I came back from the Newgrounds meet-up yesterday, I had promised myself to finish it. So I did.

I'm sorry I couldn't get everyone in, it became really clustery, and I decided to wrap it up before I went into another 'animator's block'.

As for the credits, there are some that are written as 'no name' because the person who sent me their scan didn't follow instructions and name the file their username. Sorry.

I hope you enjoy this, as simple as it is, it was tedious. Check out a little bit of the big ass Newgrounds family!

p.s. I thought it was nice that the faces are a little more ambiguous without having their names written under the scan. you just see the users all equalized, no big names getting in the way through the first impression. Yes, you can go the extra length and check out in the credits who was in on this or recognize people you know. but i ended up liking how it turned out without the names under each picture.

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Man I wish I'd been here when this thing went down! :D Awesome idea for a collab, and there's a ton of faces innit. Only thing I'm missing are names under the pictures, feels like this'd be a good time as any to learn how some users actually look; who is who. Any chance there'll be a new one of these? For 'new' users?


tarkman faces

i thought it was a reference to "the faces of evil" from the legend of zelda cartoon.



Is this a joke?

These are not the faces on newgrounds, and not any of the famous persons. Just faces of you and your friends i think. And what do we do with that?