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Author Comments

Different worlds have the same problems:
pollution, wars, diseases, lack of natural resources.
Different worlds have the same solutions:
to kill, to conquer, to dominate

Another world, another year. There was created a killing machine called Mecharon and it starts the mission to find a planet suitable for life

Thank you all for the reviews and Daily feature
Coming soon: exclusive Armor games version with 3 new weapons, and bugs fixes ;)
I finally fix this ***** bug with movement :)


great game man

it would have got a ten but it seems i found a bug, if you go to the main menu start a new game and then quit out of that and load your old game you appear on the same level you were but you have no upgrades... either way great game and hope it's an easy fix in the program

episodeent responds:

The game saves after you complete each level. So if you start and did not complete the level "load game" brings you to the start

Very very fun

Loved the game, played to the end. It was great but I have a couple issues..

-The aiming reticle is very hard to see, make it more noticable.
-It's hard to tell when you get damaged, a sound or animation would be helpful.
-U get stuck on the walls sometimes, or you get stuck walking in one direction.

I liked the game. It was very very easy if u replayed levels enough, and a bit too short, but it was enjoyable. I'd love to see a more detailed mech upgrade element, like upgrade the legs, or the armor, but whatever.

Thx for makin this.

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Fantastic, albeit simplistic. However, my main issue is with the Prison Guard. I cannot seem to grasp how to beat him. Every time he is even remotely near me, I'm blasted, and it is nigh impossible [if not impossible] to avoid his Railgun, and almost as impossible to keep a safe distance from him.

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It's like Crimsonland. Badass.

Satisfaction, oh sweet satisfaction.

Pretty good game. The graphics weren't especially wonderful but pretty well-drawn and, given the simplicity of the game itself, were perfect. It was pretty fun, too, and satisfying as hell. However there are maybe some things to upgrade:

First of all, like many others have stated, I found the game pretty simple and easy to beat, simply by strafing in circles around the enemies. Of, sure, some of them were slightly harder, but none required anything more complicated than an increase in precision, and never have I had to change my tactic.

Second of all, I litterally had to guess the names of the guns I had, especially since I didn't know what were the ones to come. "Is this the railgun? Which is the plasma gun? Does this count as energetic?" I however had less trouble identifying the gun I was currently using, but it often came at a moment much more critical, and I didn't always have the time to look at every single detail of the gun's picture to find which one it was, so I was to fire every one of them until I got the one I was looking for. Maybe some headline would've helped?

Third of all, that last boss is a real pain up my *** to my stomach. As far as I figured, the trick is to kill the little bots swarming around and stay far from the prison guard until one goon drops a shield. You pick up the shield and only then can you get near big momma and deliver some pain, 'cause if you get anywhere in the same screen as her you get nuked. Oh, and I also allowed myself to TRY guessing where she was and shoot at her while waiting for some goons to come by, still while strafing all around the map to avoid her destructive lasers. It took me three tries to find out a proper tactic, though, and at first I was at a total and frustrated loss. I didn't understand a thing when all I've been doing the whole game was moving in circles and shooting and suddently it didn't work anymore. Not that I'm complaining at the difficulty, but was really annoyed at a change so quick. At first I even thought it was impossible.

Still, I think it deserves a 9/10. It's a classic kind of game, and it really was just too damn satisfying.

-Gabrael the Doorknob

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episodeent responds:

Thank you for you review!
Some people say that this game is too easy, some people say it's too hard
Here are descriptions of all weapons:
http://www.moonmana.com/mecharon-weap ons

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Credits & Info

3.99 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2010
8:59 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional