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rated 3.99 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Jan 19, 2010 | 8:59 AM EST

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Different worlds have the same problems:
pollution, wars, diseases, lack of natural resources.
Different worlds have the same solutions:
to kill, to conquer, to dominate

Another world, another year. There was created a killing machine called Mecharon and it starts the mission to find a planet suitable for life

Thank you all for the reviews and Daily feature
Coming soon: exclusive Armor games version with 3 new weapons, and bugs fixes ;)
I finally fix this ***** bug with movement :)



Rated 5 / 5 stars


The game is great. Enjoyable, fun, simple.
The bug-canon is actually something _NEW_ .
But as always there are few "buts"
1) Too much weapon choice (e.g. machine gun and laser-like version of machine gun do pretty much the same thing)
2) Some early weapons are useless. I really liked the idea of shotgun, but it gives so much less damage later on.
2) The machine boss asks to be nerfed. I have all speed perks, but cant dps him past 1/2 of his hp. (E.g. give him a fixed turret rotation speed or something)
3) Perks about bonuses are overpowered. (Although I liked it ^_^)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars




Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is a very good and addictive game but I can't seem to get the machine boss down to less than 3/4 of its health, the only thing I can think of is to make my mech faster which would require restarting the game.

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episodeent responds:

You need to kill fighters and get shields from them!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good effort

Definitely one of the better games out here, good job on the effort. I have a few suggestions for the sequel you're making:

1. It was extremely difficult to cycle between weapons once you pick up too many. Since you allow people to specialize their skills for specific weapons, include a menu where you can toggle weapons that you want to have "equipped" so that you can simply switch between those few weapons at ease.

2. Explain what each weapon does earlier in the game because you give the player the option to put points into weapons that they don't even have yet. In fact, explaining the weapons at all would help, I had absolutely no idea of what the Buggun was for. It's also very difficult to tell which gun I'm currently holding -- make them different colors, at the least, instead of all blue.

3. More strategic battles! I cannot stress this enough. My favorite enemy in your game by far were the flying insects, because they were the only ones that didn't just mindlessly follow you so that you could beat them by simply running in circles. A few ideas that you might find interesting:
A) An enemy that cripples your Mecha a small bit by simply being alive in the map. This could be done in many ways: it could weaken your attack power, increase your reload times, or give the other enemies more armor. The goal is to quickly seek it and dispatch it. In turn, give it evasive AI and movement.
B) Enemies with varying movement patterns/defenses. An enemy who simply circles around you and fire shots, for example, or one who moves randomly and sometimes goes invisible.
C) Supportive enemies. Ones that heal other enemies, or otherwise help them in some way.

4. The interface could be improved. For one, a radar allowing the player to see the location of enemies that are not currently in his screen. When the Mecha takes damage, it should be more obvious -- a more noticeable "getting hit" sound effect, or the Mecha simply flashing red or something would be simply enough.

And lastly,
5. The last boss is too difficult or mundane to beat. The only viable strategies that I have so far seen are to either stay very far from it and wait for a shield powerup from the little spaceships (Mundane), or the player can choose to straight up fight the boss, which is basically impossible if the player has not upgraded movement speed or, in the case that I used, simply had an extra level saved up purposely for the "instant heal" upgrade. Make a final boss that requires more strategy and thought to defeat rather than strange strategies like that.

That all said, the artwork is good enough, and the sound effects are reasonable and within the mood of the game. The music could be a bit more exciting, but that's a matter of my personal taste. I look forward to seeing your improvements in your next game.

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episodeent responds:

Thank you very-very much for your advices! Now I am sure, I'll make my next game much better!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not too bad

I thought this was a pretty good game. I did have a few gripes though. First, the map of the second episode. I know its an ice planet and these monsters are native to it, but those four-legged crystal creature things blend in too much with the map when you're moving around. I don't want you to think the graphics sucked, because they don't. They look real good, but just not enough contrast between some of the monsters and the map in my opinion.

Second, I didn't see any mention of you being able to switch guns. I managed to do it once, but I don't know what I pressed. Finally figured out it was Q and E. Also, I found a graphical bug. When I bought a repair drone after I bought a combat drone there were 2 drones flying around me. Since I didn't know how to switch between the 2 of them or even knew if it was possible to, I tried going to the "My Perks" tab in the Level Up menu and clicked the Combat Drone, thinking maybe that was how you chose which one you wanted to be active, and I then had 3 drones flying around me. So, if you can in fact switch between the drones there should be something telling us how in the tutorial.

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episodeent responds:

Wow! I didn't know about this bug! Thank you!