Pokemon: Fated Battle

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Ok people this is it!! The biggest poke battle you'll ever see! forget the turns, forget the "Charizard use WATER GUN!!! Let's just throw the damn pokeballs and let all our Pokémon do the talking!

BTW: This is my second ever flash, I only started using CS3 flash in early 2009 so don't be expecting a masterpiece here :P

(Pokemon The Fated Encounter is complete!! so what are you waiting for? go and see it :)

(UPDATE*1) Black boarders inserted incase of over enlargement
(UPDATE*2) Minor graphical issue changes
(UPDATE*3) Sync issue resolved

Ok an explanation into why I made this: Since I've been navigating newgrounds I noticed the Pokémon section titled "kill all the Pokémon" or something like that and not many people liking Pokémon. But I noticed there is actually a large poke fan-base here so I wanted to see in my ability what I can contribute to them. Although I myself not a fan of Pokémon and never really was, I also don't hate it, why should I hate it? Just admit to yourselves that everyone use to like poke at one point of their life hence me making this, so sit back and enjoy the murkage.

(EDIT: Sorry about the dodgy artwork I'm really shite at drawing pokemon, so bare with me and try and watch thanks :)

(Anyways back to this! yes in the video the Pokémon do more than four moves each, but however I have done my research on their attacks on that bulbapedia wiki (very helpful poke wiki :) So no problems here with fake attacks (Steelix doing thunderbolt or something Oo)

Runtime- 3:45 mins (Battle scene duration)
Frame Rate- AS3 20fps = AS2 24fps
Symbol Count- 845!! O_o
Production Time of Flash- 20 days
P.S I never again shah publish in AS3! what a nightmare! Just to make a button? (Again sorry for filesize, I've got two unstreamed mp3s in this submission which adds on a gazillion more MBs :P

??????: Spot the mystery pokemon in the flash, hehe :)
and hope you enjoy or enjoyed the cataclysmic battle! as the marines would say "ooOORAH!!!" XD



it looks like you have all your shit under control, but goddamn boy. WORK ON YOUR OWN CHARACTERS. I think that stands out the most. Your own characters seem flawed, they are typical of a 12 year old drawing anime.

amazing animation

but pokemon sucks. I hate it when people submit stuff like this on newgrounds.

so mad right now no 1 won


im not a big fan of pokemon but the music was perfect for it!!

I've seen better

And none of these Pokémon can use Rapid Spin if that's what that was supposed to be. Not sure this is the greatest matchup though, a 1st generation starter, the worst 600 base stat Dragon type, and 2 random Metal Coat Steel types. Dragonite > Charizard, Scizor > Steelix. And yes, Rayquaza could easily beat any of these Pokémon, but Rayquaza isn't the best there is.
And to mattman0311, Scizor isn't the fastest Pokémon, but it definitely outspeeds a Steelix, and Scizor has access to the move Agility. But Charizard is the fastest out of the 4 in this flash,

Tyrant-D responds:

rapid spin? sorry mate.. but I don't know pokemon enough to know what you telling me. I only made this from my current knowledge and what I researched. apologies If I carried out certain inaccuracies, I can't please every poke fan :)

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Jan 17, 2010
11:49 AM EST
  • Daily Feature January 18, 2010
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