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EDIT: It's a dream! It's a freaking dream, people! Don't talk to me about accuracy! Dreams aren't accurate; they're loose and fluid amalgams of emotions and feelings and experiences that we gather throughout the day and sort out in our subconcious as we sleep! FUCK!

My former account was DarkOtaku. I am resubmitting this movie not to get attention, but because I'm creating a new identity and starting fresh. This is more for archival purposes than anything. Also because I spent so much time on this, and I'm somewhat attached to it.

Please not that I am not an FF7 fanboy... I didn't even like FF7 very much. The dream (by my friend David Firth) just happens to be about it.
Like it or not, please don't flame me, thinking I'm looking for attention.

I'm pretty sure all the external links in the movie are broken. I can't fix this, as the original .FLA is gone.

Another note: Yes, I'm aware the animation is choppy. I was honing my drawing skills at the time, and keep in mind there was approximately 6000 frames for me to draw, one by one.

Please keep the reviews intelligible and fair. :(

Finally, I would like to point out that I may not be doing any animations for a while. I may post some games and "piano lesson" tutorials as a side project, but my main focus is something that I'm calling flaRPG. Basically, it will be an open source RPG framework built as a Flash extension. Think RPG Maker for Flash.


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I really like this.

The main reason is because you've had a dream and then make a flash about it. I love hearing about people's dreams (even if they're David Firth's, haha!) I feel they are so personal and intimate and by sharing them, we get an insight INTO YOUR MIND! Man, that sounded pret-ty creepy. My bad.

Anyway, the animation was pretty decent, I liked the rotoscoping bit. Nice to mix it up a bit.

Voice acting was pretty decent but the whole concept of this being based on a dream really endeared it to me.

I like how everyone's character's personality was slightly warped, what with it being a dream, and it was really cool to see that interpretation in this flash.

Great work, review was a long time in coming but it's here now.

Hope you've been well xxx

ah, i have found you.

this was a top favourite of mine some time ago (and still is) thought i had added this to my faves ages ago. well, favouriting it, so i won't forget.
great job on the animation too, doing each frame one at a time like that is a little funky, but makes your style very unique, and i can appreciate that.
also: the jokes were fresh and a little inside-ish, but still hilarious to this day.
please consider doing more of these, perhaps not ff7 (although i never complain with a ff spoof) but you definitely have a talent that i must see more of.
well, that's my bit.

bearses responds:

thanks for the kind review! :D

I can't wait to get to work on my next animation.

oO Okay, how do I put this?

This is...strange, but actually good in a strange way XD (Well, it was based on a dream, so...^^)
The Chocobos in Pok├ęballs actually made me laugh a lot.

bearses responds:


always good to see new reviews! especially positive ones. :O


not very accurate! kidding :) good movie

bearses responds:

ha ha, you sure trolled me good, you. :3


word cant describe how awesome this was....

"I feel better when the red water comes out of people"

bearses responds:

much obliged, good sir

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Jan 16, 2010
3:58 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 3rd Place January 17, 2010