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Psyduck's quest for love

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Taking a break from Clock movies today. Instead I thought I'd do a short movie about a lonely psyduck. Unlucky in her love life, she wanders aimlessly when she stumbles a love letter on the road, giving her hope that her true love might just be right ahead, but the road is not without obstacles. This is part one of the story.

Even without any Clocks, this is still part of the

[EDIT] No way! 8th place? Who could have believed adding a pokémon in my Flash would lead to this. xD

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If I recall correctly, psyduck aren't particularly bright. Some are even so stupid that they cannot swim (Interesting beind a duck, a water type none the less and not being able to swim. Go figure.) It would be interesting to see how you incorperate this (if you do).

As for the movie itself, great quality, nice use of shading. Good storyline too. Kinda had to laugh seeing psyduck get rejected over and over. Again, well done. I look forward to seeing more of your kwacky (wacky) humor.

LotusClock responds:

A psyduck is a platipus, actually. There won't be swimming scenes in the next one, but Psyduck's naivety will still lead her to one big surprise. ;)


Psyducks love mudkips To_________o %u25B2

LotusClock responds:

I heard you like mudkips


Except Psyducks color was a bit odd...
And lol at duck fla. refrence.

LotusClock responds:

duck.fla = instant comedy


Wow, this actually makes a lot of sense. When I thought he just made it, he saw even more signs. :(
THe duck was adorable anyway. :)
Btw, What is clock crew??? Keep hearing their name but never knew them. Can u tell me?

LotusClock responds:

The Clock Crew is a large group of rogue animators, best known for producing low quality but highly provocative Flash movies involving characters made out of an inanimate object with a clock for a face. The Crew has been causing mischief over Newgrounds for over 8 years and still going strong. Check out Newgrounds on the August 15th of each year. It's the Clock Crew's holiday and the entire day is devoted to us.

Nice presentation.

I liked the art and how you shaded it, sort of gave it a simple feel which was nice and visually appealing. The only thing I didn't like was that it was heavy on tweens. I'll look out for the next part :].

LotusClock responds:

This Flash was done for a one-flash-a-day challenge, which implies a tight time limit. It was necessary to use tweens if I was to make it for my deadline. I'm usually more comfortable with fbf.