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Stunt Bike Draw 3

rated 3.22 / 5 stars
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Sports - Racing

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Jan 12, 2010 | 8:19 PM EST

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Author Comments

Hey people - this is our final version of our stunt bike series. The game has been revamped and hopefully you will like it! Please be kind!

It's stunt bike drawing in another galaxy! Draw your jumping ramps, rev your engine and try to jump over the freaky alien beings without killing them or yourself!

Do stunts and catch floating bonuses for more points and money.

Upgrade your bike and buy new stunts!

Some jumps are tricky and require good ramps and skilled driving to get over. Be patient and experiment a little!


Drawing Stage:

Arrow keys to scroll around. Mouse to draw ramps.

Jumping Stage:

Up arrow key to accelerate. Down to break. Left and right arrow keys to control bike in flight.

Z, X and C keys to perform stunts in the air for bonus points.



Rated 0 / 5 stars


I hated the whole series but this one is the worst! I tried so many times to beat the first lvl and i couldn't! First time i made it and it said i failed, 2nd time i went through the ramp 3rd time i made it and did tricks and it said failed and it said i didn't do any tricks!


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Not working

Just like Tainted-Trixter said it is extremely glitchy. In fact all my tries didn't succeed even in the first level. So I cannot give you any stars. Besides I dislike the new visual style. I would have liked something looking like realworld motocross now, improved V1-style if you will. Also the new mechanics with the ground start don't work good since the forward line drawing doesn't work properly near the clipping height at zero. The balance controls might be adding to the whole thing but as the glitches prevent me from playing more I cannot say if that is an improvement. Hope you guys think about doing another version that can be called a good final one.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


my wheels came off right at the end but i still passed lvl 3! but i really think this game is missing something...its been mentioned over and over in this game...control. however, i will give it pts for being addictive and colorful!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not one of your best

It's actually kind of funny, because FWG has made so many games I don't even remember what the originals with the sequels were like! I thought that this game was pretty colorful, but it really lacked in the department of control. The drawing tool was just really hard to work with. It was also a little annoying how it was hard to determine where you could or could not draw. It does have some nice graphics, with a good futuristic setting. I guess it doesn't help that I'm not really a fan of these kinds of games.


Rated 1 / 5 stars


Glitchy, very glitchy.

The primary glitch, which was most annoying in a game like this, was that you would often randomly ride through or fall into your ramps (which makes it unplayable). And before you say "well you aren't drawing your ramps right" or "there may have been a space in your ramp that is why you fell through", I should say that is not the case. In fact all of my ramps were a single line, and I always started from the lower left corner of the drawable area (as one would be prone to do in a game like this) and some of them worked, others I would ride through as though they didn't exist, or fall into half-way up the ramp. I did not notice the same issue with the landing ramp , but at the same time, because of the issue with the starting ramps I didn't get much use out of the landing ramps.

Another big glitch is that occasionaly after clicking 'go' to start a run the bike wouldn't do anything. Well, I shouldn't say anything, he would set there and make reving noises. But much like a two year old setting on his trike going "vroom vroom" there was no movement involved. (strike that, chances are the two year old would be moving).

The graphics are OK, the music was nothing to write home about, and the glitches sucked. 2 for effort, and I thought about not giving that, because as others have said, the prior two in the series were better.

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