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Angel and the Fox, Act II

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But...its not as good as the first one in my opinion, ok you get to see more of the story, and i did try really hard, but i had an accident involving ice and my wrist, so it made it abit harder to draw, however i still put as much effort into this i could and i really did try, if you don't know much of the story, my advice is go onto my page or via the drop-down menu and watch the first act.
And for the love of all that is holy and waffleicious i still don't know why the song continues to play at the credits, just seems to be annoying like that :/
Eitherway i tried, i hope you enjoy it and i will get to work on Act Three within time,
Maaan i need to get a tablet though -_-
Anyway enjoy!

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*sigh* Now that that's out of the way...

Wow. The first one got all around nicer reviews. Although, I do agree that despite better animating skills and "juicy sound fx" (oh yea! A creaking door! What won't they think of next?) this time around, the first actually WAS better. The ending, looping music, out of place sound and lack of a soundtrack more fitting to the experiences in this installment are all backwards steps from where you were in the first. I can understand the injury. Still alright though. Some suggestions:

1) Make a post asking for someone to contact you in regards to handling audio. This will solve problems for the next one.
2) When you get better, remake these both, but keep the original first. THIS can go...

I hope you do better next time. No hard feelings for the score, ok? Keep in touch!


Jamieneo66 responds:

Thanks Dark lol,
I'll remake it when my wrist heals up, well i say remake, parts of it are ok its other parts that need to be remade ><
So yeah i'll do that soon as i have some time and it'l be alot better :D


... need to work on your flash timing, your narratory expression, a little bit of your spelling, and your story. Your story is a bit cute, but it wastes too much with anime-styled reasoning and emotion, which are rather stiff and boring.

Put together something new, please. I'd like to see your best from this...

not very good

badly drawn and horrible sound quality. fix theese things fr the sake of ur battling average


It was nice, but there are some spelling errors, and the end is very sudden. Also, the creaking of the door is annoying.