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8-Bit Pwny Club ep.3

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The Pwny Club pick their favourite games of the last decade.

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Daze, Spader, and Cookie, my favorate games are Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2, Portal and Portal 2. Those games are some of my most favorate games. I would maybe like for you to make a movie of The Pwny Club telling me if they know at least 2 or three of my favorate games that I told you are my favorate. Please make a movie of that. Also Reply to this and tell me if you're going to do that or not.

I think That Valve is on shrooms Soo they cant make Ep 3 or HL 3

The animations are the best and the voice acting too!

Rally like the scene with Daze, Spader, Cookie :D
They are really not payed by Valve? :P

PS: If Valve release Half-Life 2 Episode 3 they must make their other games into three.

Valve hates the number 3, and with good reason. Look at the third videogames in a lot of series, supreme commander two (I consider f.a. to be second), saints row 3, mw3, etc. Valve will either skip three or we will have half life 2.5 or no more.

Screw Episode 3. With the kind of waiting we've endured, they'd better just release HL3.