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Get fun with dancing, moon-walking and other with this ragdoll.

[space] -- showing Newgrounds tank
[PgUp] -- increase gravity level
[PgDn] -- decrease gravity level
arrow keys -- gravity orientation
mouse -- draging ragdoll

Rate kindly because this is just some kind of test for full version of game.


Its a decent start,

But when you do a full version, make it something that stands apart from all the other ragdoll clones. I had to blam it just because there was nothing new to it and it was very limited on what to do..More so that there was no real point to it. I think you could have tested it at your home.

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dario111cro responds:

Thank you for review. I really apperciate reviews with low score, beacuse in most of these reviews I can get what is wrong with game. That is a reason because I have sended it on Newgrounds. More testers - better game.
I have idea how will full version look like, so wait a few weeks and than write a review again. Thanks.

Very good

I coulnt have done this myself. Nice programming skills you got;)

Done in AS3.0?

dario111cro responds:

That is best part, AS2.0 :)

pretty good start, but may need some improvements

i've seen better things. however, you made a good start. I like the space background and the music isn't bad either. but maybe a goal in the game could be nice. but for something of around 206 KB it's really good. and though it shames me so to admit, I cannot help you make a new movie or game.

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dario111cro responds:

Yeah. This is just some kind of start. I have in plan to make some 'real' ragdoll game with goals and evrything. Thank you for review :)

Seems a little crappy

Sorry, but the whole game is just a punch of points conected together,
The music is a short loop, there is no target and n real physics (means points can spin 360° while real limbs couldn't; it's called ragdoll but there is no "ragdoll" at all; just some points)

Short: It's crap

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3.53 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2010
8:44 AM EST
Simulation - Other