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Spectacular Space Race

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Author Comments

spectacular spacey and racey

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Fairly mediocre

I thought this had its good and bad moments. The good moments was that the music you used was really sweet and it kept you thinking about what would happen next. It was nice to see OrangeClock in this as he manages to do some good work here. I thought that this was a game at first. I kept pressing the "Space" button because I thought that was what the submission was telling me to do. The best part is probably when you went across the planet with those other clock guys.

A weak part was that it did go in a continuous loop and you should try to fix it. The animation itself was not that good, but at least better than a lot of other stuff I have seen. It also felt like this was too short, because the music does make you want it to be longer. You did a good job of creating tension, but it did not really add up. If you threw in some more action, I can see this being a lot better.

Nice peice of work here

So far the timing is good, the music sounds spectacular. It's just that there is one important thing that is missing the animation for the spaceship fire, two frames of animation could go along way, It's an easy thing to fix if you use symbols. (1 just right click convert to symbol 2.click movie clip in the check box, 3.double click with the black arrow selection tool to go inside the symbol and add another frame to the fire 4. go to properties and click loop and your all done. Now the fire will animate itself in a loop.)

k3ltr0n responds:

wow thanks YOU DA BEST

Great Job!

You did a very good job on this one. I liked how you had the switching between the two racers often and the flying through space was cool. Your movements were all very steady and well done and you made the ships move very cleanly.You clearly put quite a bit of effort into several of the shots and put a good amount of comic relief in the audience.

k3ltr0n responds:

thanks samulis you never fail to dissapoint!!!!


Don't you have something better to do than submit Clock Crew spam?

k3ltr0n responds:

well b4 i was just sitting around and someone said DONT U HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO DO THAN SIT AROUND so i said YES!!! ILL MAKE MOVIES AND BE A DIRECTOR