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THE CROSS pt.2 of 2

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Author Comments

Second part to "Man's Curse", in the same fashion. 90 second piece and I'll just let the animation do the talking.

Made in 2007
Everything by me

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A little forced

Wasn't the best poem in the world. It was a little rough and forced, but it had a purpose and a meaning behind it. That's more than I can say for many of the animations on here. I'm starting to see how twisted things can be when people start complaining that there's actually a point to the animation. Well, for those that complain, you chose to watch it and, personally, I've seen so many worse animations than this; and, in addition to that, they had no point at all; and the kicker is, people still give them 10s (which I can't even begin to understand). Yet people, like Metal-kiwi, complain about this one in particular and give it a 1, not because it was simply a horrible animation (wasn't top notch, but it was above par), but because it had a point he didn't agree with. It's easy to make poor animations with no point, a child could do it. Takes some artistic skill to make a good animation, some real intellect to have a point, and guts to present a clip that some people will mock, make fun of, and even claim it has no place on newgrounds (Metal-kiwi is a good example). I'm sorry those people miss the point of the animation. The irony with most of Jonathan Lam's animations is that the ones who understand his animations aren't the audience that Jonathan wants to reach most; it's the ones that don't understand (and often don't want to understand) that the animations are meant for.

Sometimes I come to an animation that I don't agree with the point of it and I usually don't vote on it. I should commend Metal-kiwi for actually taking time to express his thoughts. Most people just say they didn't like it and leave, showing very little thought going into their simple reviews.

However, it's kind of an irony that Metal-kiwi says, "comparing your God to a gun tells me everything I need to know about your type of Christianity. Your God has little love to it and is shallow and meaningless as a dollar" But his next few words are, "I've come to Newgrounds to watch videos that are illegal in some countries, depicting uncalculable varieties of death and terrifying situations." It pretty much says he's not looking for the truth, a point, or even meaning: he just wants mindless slaughter in multiple forms and circumstances. Sounds like he's contradicting himself, by declaring that God has no meaning or value and then saying "I'm not looking for meaning or value anyway." If he was truly searching for something without meaning or value, and this animation showed a god without meaning or value, he would have at least given it a half decent rating. Instead, I see a person who found something with a point, but wanted something without a point.

Don't stop, Jonathan; you may never know about those who didn't understand at first, but later were granted the clarity they needed later. Keep on trudging through, there's more work to be done.

nahtanojmal responds:

Amen. Thanks for your review man ;)

Loved It!!

Loved it Jonathan.
Keep 'em comin'.
Steph Townsend

nahtanojmal responds:

Glad you love it, thanks again ;D

Pico wants a word with you, Tom Fulp...

The Sinful run free, good work is good work regardless of whether we then offer up a prayer, and comparing your God to a gun tells me everything I need to know about your type of Christianity. Your God has little love to it, and is as shallow and meaningless as a dollar. I've come to Newgrounds to watch videos that are illegal in some countries, depicting uncalculable varieties of death and terrifying situations, not for dogma. Top four? If you dislike the message it's a half-arsed poem and choppy animation. Newgrounds, for shame on you, having "the Feer'a Gahhd" put into you. I'm leaving.

nahtanojmal responds:

The Sinful run free for a short while, good work is good for people if the intentions and means are good and correct, comparing my God to a gun represents one aspect of God that is shallow if you perceive it out of context.

Christianity is illegal in some countries, why depict death when you have to face your own one day, nothing is more terrifying than the idea of God's (the creator of everything in existence) wrath upon you.

If you love your children, will you not hate paedophiles or kidnappers. God's love is similar, God loves what is good so it is right for him to hate evil. The thing that makes God's love not like human love is that all people are evil, yet some are justly saved. What kind of God dies in the place of His enemies so that they would be changed to be like Him and saved from His wrath?????


Well drawn, but it all seemed too cheesy. The message seemed rather forced and there are choppy bits of audio. This was not a good flash in my opinion.

nahtanojmal responds:

Thanks I don't think it's a very good flash either. It is a focus on the message, and the message is good.


Its nice to see other Christians online. I get tired of us getting made fun of all the time.

nahtanojmal responds:

Yeah it is nice. I don't get tired of being made fun of, I expect it as what should happen. The Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing. Yet faith only comes by hearing.

Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2010
2:58 AM EST