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Odysseus: Ep1 The Sirens

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**Thanks a ton for the frontpage and daily first! Means alot**

At long last Ajimbo and I've finished the first episode of ODYSSEUS: Table Side Tales. Worked quite awhile on this one so i hope you all enjoy.
This ones for all you who like Mythology.. or not, thats cool too

Episode One.
The Call of the Sirens.


btw.. it's a nose, and a damn fine one at that.

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What is up with the nose?

This was ok. It was a bit clever, but the voice of Odysseus was a strange combination of whine and over-embellishment of every word. I know this is a satire, but if that's what an epic hero of legend is supposed to sound like, I'm quite disillusioned. Whatever, you made him out to be kind of a douche, in a way that's a little funny and original. BUT WTF WITH THE NOSES? They're like a giant, mutant, cancerous ear on one side of the face. And only some people have them. What about the soldiers wearing helmets? If the helmets had an extension on the side, like a metal nose-guard, that would mesh with everyone else and be a little funny. It seems however, that soldiers with head protection are required to chop off their noses. I'm not being overly critical, just saying what most people are thinking. These are my thoughts, take them or leave them; either way, thanks for the flash.


One of the funniest movies on the site. I laughed through all of it. Keep it up.

what the..

whats the pointy thing sticking out the side of his head o.O

is that an ear or a nose?

rofl copters all around!

the oddessy has to be one of my top 5 favorite stories it's nice to see a parody i mean how many centuries has it been out? it has atleast 2 movies based on it it needed a parody!

Soooo Funny

"Over one measly meal!"

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3.93 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2010
11:11 PM EST