How Morons Stole X-mas

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I worked so hard in this and couldn't finish it before christmas or new year, but anyway, I really hope you like it!
I'm really happy with this new flash, I haven't done anything since April and I think this is a nice new begining!
Me, Arnor and Val wish you a happy 2010! Shi-Gu doesn't, he hates you all :/


:) XD

Not the greatest animation or story ever, but you definitely got a few chuckles out of me with this one. You definitely have some talent that will only get better over time. Especially the bit about Naruto and One Piece (so true XD). Rest assured that some of us will see this before New Year's so mission accomplished in getting this finished before 2009 ;). Keep it up and Happy 2010!

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Shi-Gu responds:

Thanks a lot, indeed I think I could have done better, and with time this will be nothing compared to new flashes XD.
Glad I made you laugh btw XD
Happy new Year for you too! :D


Santa: Christmas is about giving........ our free will to Japanese overlords.
Hahaha can't believe they believed it.
Splendid animation, Voiceacting = 7/10
The last part when they say "We'll get oyu next year!" sounds like fake shouting. If you want to shout, just DO IT!!!!
Btw, dun listen to skool cool.

Shi-Gu responds:

Thanks a lot :D
That was one of my fav parts too XDD
Yeah, I know, our weakspot was voiceacting, it wasn't as good, but we hope to improve with time, next time I'll shout with all my soul! thanks XD
Yeah, he has a grudge against me, so his reviews are actually just useless, thanks anyway, I'll just ignore him


i like the guy with the skull shirt

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Shi-Gu responds:

Arnor, yeah, he's the funny guy of the group and also along with Shadowmjl they did all the script

This better go up in score because it deserves it

If an animation this good only deserves a "great" score then there is no hope for someone like me. This flash is terrific. Great art and animation, funny jokes, and decent voice acting. The one place where the voice acting was a little dull was the last line where they exclaim "we'll get you next year". But besides that everything else was great.

Art - 10/10
Animation - 9/10
Humor - 8/10
Voice-acting - 6/10

Overall - 8/10

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Shi-Gu responds:

Thanks a lot, let's hope it rises a little more :D
Yeah, I'm not happy with the "We'll get you next year" too but anyway, everything here is practice, I'm not going seriously, flash is for fun, if I don't have fun doing it, then why should I do it?
My goal is to improve at every flash I make, and I'm acomplishing it.
Thanks :D

(title in work)

Quite good. This is my introduction to the characters and the series. I haven't seen any of them before. The animation was quite good, and the artwork was very detailed. You did a great job there. There was humor in this and a decent storyline as well. The only thing that could be improved were the voice overs. It sounds like you were holding back with them a bit.

Shi-Gu responds:

Yeah, we're not pro at voice acting, I must tell my partners to improve next time, we'll try to give it more emotion

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3.21 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2009
7:15 PM EST
Comedy - Original