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How Morons Stole X-mas

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I worked so hard in this and couldn't finish it before christmas or new year, but anyway, I really hope you like it!
I'm really happy with this new flash, I haven't done anything since April and I think this is a nice new begining!
Me, Arnor and Val wish you a happy 2010! Shi-Gu doesn't, he hates you all :/

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Oye que nostalgia me dio esta wea, ahora curao (Borracho) esta noche me acordé de esta animación y wn recordé lo bacan que era... Buenos recuerdos!! 100/10!! Yo era el RBP6666 no se si te acordai. Saludos!


Can't! Stop! Laughing! XD Awesome flash! You're demon guy's really awesome too! X3

Shi-Gu responds:

Hahaha, thanks a lot, glad you like it.
We got some "not-so-good" critique about this here on NG, so it's nice to see that there's actually people that enjoy this without going harsh into details :D


You made yourself that badass demon.....nice touch. I thought the "plot hole" pun was actually funny, which proves I'm an idiot. Also, hail the japanese overlords, because if we don't, they will stop making cool anime!!! :O

Shi-Gu responds:

Actually I'm the mexican guy, the badass demon is one of my characters even if he's my username XD he's not me.
You're not an idiot, anyway, since I speak spanish I don't actually get the plot hole joke XD

Loved it

This was an awesome Christmas flash,the character designs were great as was the voice acting,i got a lot of laughs from this due mainly to the fantastic script and crazy antics the guys got into so overall i enjoyed this flash very much,great job.

Shi-Gu responds:

Thanks so much! :D I apreciate it!


Es bueno ver gente latina en un sitio de GRINGOS muy buena animacion y la verdad esta chingon pasado de vergas el video sigue asi y que viva mexico ala verga

Shi-Gu responds:

Jajaja, muchas gracias, lo agradesco, si, es bueno encontrar mexicanos aquí, lástima que la mayoría de los gringos discriminan duro el español ¬¬
Viva méxico!