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Christmatch Deathmas

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Author Comments

FIRST READ THIS!!: This flash has no preloader, so just wait 10 seconds before playing it, don't worry, the movie shouldn't take long to load.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

Ahh.. Winter.. The best of all seasons. The gentle touch of snow falling on your skin, the feeling of a snowball getting thrown in your face, the frozen hobo's.. It's all what makes winter fun. Yet some people can't find it in their hearts, the ability to forgive. Santa is one of them.

Hi again! It's been a while since I've submitted something here.
Every year my grandparents hold a big (and I mean BIG, we have more than 60 family members, my mother's side) family party. And every year the minors have to draw cards and make something for eachother. I didn't think much about it and 2 days before the party, I still had nothing, so I thought: "Ah, F*ck it, I'll just make another crappy movie like last year."
I had to rush this animation like HELL. When we arrived at the party I still wasn't finished, so I had to sit on the ground (the tables were occupied) and my nephew wouldn't fudge off and kept irritating me. And although my back suffered, I did finish it. Just leave it to me to make the holiday of peace, love and giving a full-fledged death match. Although you won't actually see the fighting, I didn't have enough time for that.

I hope you guys'll like it. (I don't think so, but meh)

ALSO!: Most of you probably won't recognise the guy with the staff and mitre. That guy is the REAL Santa Clause, Saint Nicholas. (Sinterklaas for the Belgian and Dutch)
Heheh, I think most of you won't read all this and ask: "Durr.. who was dat guy wit teh beerd?" ;p The girl is my cousin, this animation was for her.

The music is: The Quick Brown Fox - The Big Black <- This guy is awesome! I only used a part of it.

PS: Check out the replay button! hours of fun! :D

PPS: In the scene where Santa hits the chimney floor, there is no sound. That's because for some reason any sound or music played after another sound comes too early.

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lol... wut?

Great idea, really funny. Music scared the crap out of me though (so loud!!). Was a little disappointed there was no fight scene. Keep up the good work.

Breaktroll responds:

Yeah, I dissapointed myself a little there too. But I'm glad you still liked it. :)


This was one silly Christmas flash,the idea of it was hilarious with Santa fighting against the pope,the animation was good and the music after the chimney scene was also good,overall this was a funny little Christmas flash short.

Breaktroll responds:

Ahahahahah! That's not the pope! XD I said in the comments that the guy was Saint Nicolas. But he being the pope makes it a lot funnier.

Thanks for the comment and making my day. hahahah!


hahah lol
that was so funny and really smooth animation
i loved it:3

Breaktroll responds:

thank you for the comment. :3 glad you liked it.

Pretty good.

The animation was very good, you did an excellent job of portraying the atmosphere and creating a mood by emphasising how dark the room was that Santa leapt into. The frame by frame stuff of Santa crawling into the chimney was good, but it was just pictures put to music when Santa spotted Saint Nicholas. Don't get me wrong, the music was good, but I wanted to see more action rather than seeing several pictures that forced me to imagine this battle of epic proportions in my head.

Some more sounds would have been a nice addition, especially since it was so startling once the music started booming out of nowhere. The concept of the flash is highly creative and very original, it just seems like the execution was poor. You had a great idea going, then it appeared to crumble right before my eyes. From what I saw, I was impressed by the animation, just finish strong because I'm looking forward to seeing your future submissions. Keep up the nice work!

Breaktroll responds:

Thanks, but I didn't have the time. I was already the only one who didn't give his present. And I also had some problems: When I have more than one sound in my flash, the second sound comes on the wrong moment, I planned on adding a "poof" when santa fell down, but the music was the main part, so I had to remove it. :/
I'm glad you still enjoyed it a little. :)


I liked it very much :) Very epic and unexpected

Breaktroll responds:

thanks, yeah I was going for an unexpected, loud, sudden-ending crappy flash. xD

Credits & Info

4.48 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2009
8:35 AM EST