Windows XP (My Version)

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Well, this is my first game on flash,
my first use using flash,
my first contribution to newgrounds,
my first crappy game on flash...and many more.

There are lots to explore in my game.
There are many bugs in this game, so just RIGHT CLICK FORWARD. Ooh. That's a cheat code.
There are 2 easter eggs hidden in this game, so be SURE to click on ANYTHING you can POSSIBLY click on.
To click on something (ex. icons), you need to click the lines, or borders of the icons.
The main goal of this game to find everything it says to find, and if you do, you get nothing. Wow.
There is no sound.....so be sure to FIND sound in this game.

Summary: Be sure to click everything you can click!!!


Removed some minor stuff you don't need to know.
Removed more minor stuff you don't need to know.
On the first part (the loading screen part), you need to rollover the black squares.

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great game! :-)

"you don't have a floppy, wiggly, bendable disk."

lolled my head off!

It's absolutely amazing. Better than Windows doors I must say.


Bwaharharharhar >:D The maze sucks. That, or I suck at it. Not sure. Btw this is Kat :3

Its ok but...

graphics could have been way better and it was quite difficult to click the exit button. Although, it was pretty funny and entertaining you just need to focus on the graphics mainly.
So you did well for your first flash =]
good job.

sasruto responds:

I will try to work on the graphics.

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2.68 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2009
3:26 PM EST
Simulation - Other