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Seed assault

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I have Been working on this project for 7 months and now it's finally done!

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Slightly better then I expected.

Good things about this.
1. The movements are smooth
2. The music is good
3. The blood looks pretty okay.

Bad things.
1. The drawings are TERRIBLE!
2. The movements are waaaaay to slow
3. When he throws something, it just floats to the enemy, in real life would that happen?
4. The bodies don't move along with the movements.
5. Walking is a movie clip, and if it isn't, it was k.

There's my criticism. Take it, and maybe on your next Flash i'll give this something higher then 5.

Greencheekyconure responds:

Omg finally a good review from you.
I think i'm going to have a party!

+ 7 for effort.

Here are some things to improve your flash.
1) Alot of the actions are too slow. For example when the guy was punching his opponent, it looks like he's prodding him. When an item or person is thrown, they look really slow.
2) Sometimes, some movements are abit unreal. Like when the bird guys throw an item, it looks out of place and wrong. Hope this helps.