madnes combat evolved

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hey i reely reely REEELY liked that movie MarLo by yoshiblue1733 so i decided 2 make a tribute to it lulzz!!!
music and stuff by krinkels

But seriously,
The secret behind its crappiness?

THE QUALITY WAS INTENTIONAL - I made this to test concept (what happens, like having god damn Master Chief in it for example) vs. quality (movies filled to the brim with effort, like the actual Madness Combat, and, of course, MY OTHER MOVIES) - this is because some 30 second sprite flash known as MarLo was uploaded roughly a few weeks ago and it got DAILY FIFTH, just because it had Halo in it.
WATCH MARLO BEFORE READING THIS: So as you can see, the secret to making a successful flash? JUST ADD HALO! That'll do the trick.
I made this crapfest in 30 minutes, I know. All the other movies I made at least took me 3 weeks to animate. Check them out, and wonder why do they not have any awards.

So, seeing how the system is WAAAAY past fucked up, go ahead and vote five JUST BECAUSE I put halo multiplayer medals and a master chief helmet in it.


That made no sense.

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just bad ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bad just rlly BAD but good try

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spam animation!
and just bad!

No. Just...No

well this was short and sucked

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2.20 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2009
12:13 PM EST