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A Newgrounds Christmas

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::::: EDIT ::::::

thanks so much for all the nice reviews and frontpage/award! i appreciate it. trying to respond to as many reviews as i can get around to :)

anyhow, a few people have asked for me to post the group picture at the end. i already did, enjoy it!:

::::: EDIT :::::


This is my Christmas present to you all, thanks for being so awesome and supportive. This flash is a tribute to all the great NG originals out there, and to all the people who love them.

Big thanks for the voice talent of:

Tom Fulp

Johnny Utah



Geoff Edwards

I hope you enjoy my present

God Bless Us, 'Everything By Everyone!'

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Still awesome.

That was nice. I liked the way the characters all interacted with each other. Blockhead's incessant blabbering, the arm-wrestling match with Egoraptor's very humorous narration, Salad Fingers being a creep, Tom's obsessiveness, the Tankmen's dick jokes, the...uhh..what is the name of that guy who was talking to Larry? I've never figured that out. Anyways the way he discussed dead people and Larry's reaction, and, of course, my favorite part probably, Mastermind and the Larry villain's competition. Voice acting was good overall. That ending with the "Merry Christmas Newgrounds" was funny too.
Merry Christmas, 9 years later.


I FRICKIN LOVE THIS ALREADY. I just got a big Christmas spirit this year!