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The Final Console Bout!!

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Im going to buy myself a console soon and after much researching around the interweb i have accumulated some facts that have helped me in my decision.
Watch the cartoon to find out which console has won my cash!

Update: Had my ps3 awhile now, good times!
Xbox 360 in my opinion is a fun console and the whole xbox live experiance is great but
two dead xboxs are enough.. well one should be enough for anyone but apparently it isnt.
It amazes me that faulty products usually get pulled back and sorted but with microsoft products its almost expected and accepted.

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Nice flash

This was a humorous flash about the console wars,the animation was good and i got a couple of good laughs from it especially during the Wii scene,overall i enjoyed it and thought you did a good job.


The wii XD


Okay, first of all, if your going to make something like this, please make it at least somewhat a realistic comparison... the reasons the 360's aren't good in your opinion according to this flash is that they have to plug into an outlet? And that their cd's jam? Well Ps3's plug into outlets. Sorry. And 360's don't constantly jam. If you'd have searched the internet good enough you'd also find out that the blu-ray kinda sucks. the reason its thought to be awesome is because they kicked HD dvds, a disc with the same memory and quality for half the price, off the market by unknown means... Sony is the devil, like most large corporations.
Ok, heres the breakdown... On exclusives I'd say they're about equal, on graphics their equal potential, but X-box's is easier to use, so xbox wins by just a little, so little that it probably shouldn't play into your decision. On community Xbox wins all the way, there are people on xbox whos whole job is to get you xbox live friends, and community games are always a plus. While the ps3 community isn't as good as the xbox community, the online is free, and it actually has a browser. On the whole, I'd give the xbox a 9/10 and the ps3 an 8/10... Thats just my opinion.

I get what u where going for there

I am a xbox guy myself, that doesnt mean i just completely overlook the total "IM XBOX 360. YOU WANT TO PLAY LEFT4DEAD....OK......... PLAY ONLINE? SURE.........OKAY.....THAT WILL BE $90 PLEASE........ERROR!!!!ERROR!!!!"
all consoles have good and down points but i dont see why everyone just shits on the wii.
I mean come on its got motion sensors! And it has the most multiplayer friendly games, wider audiances (you cant say u didnt like wii sports because EVERYONE like wii sports) and on top of all that you've got squishy little jackets for your remotes.