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-To complete each level you must make the numbers in the game board cells match the numbers on the map.
-When you click any empty cell it gets the number 1.
-When you click a cell near to a number cell, the number increases by one.
-You cannot click on a cell which already has a number in it.

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Very funny, i like it. But i think the animated background is a bit annoying.

great puzzle game

I love logic puzzles like this. It's original, it's a simple concept, and it's challenging. The graphics were pretty, but not to the point of distraction. I found the cloud background rather soothing. The undo button was very handy for when I misclicked, so you get bonus points there. The autosave feature is so very important for a puzzle game, and you had it. A guide on Newgrounds for if you get stuck would be a great addition.

However, on level 32 there is definitely a glitch; the ice block sometimes didn't work. Also on level 32, the cells on the left wouldn't go past 1 no matter what I tried.

Also what does the "OTTF" stand for?

great job on the entire thing, and keep up the great work. 10/10, 5/5

tofp responds:

About guide, maybe walkthrough on YouTube be enough?
Will check level 32.
OTTF - one - two -three - four :)

I made it to 26

before giving up. Enjoyable.


You just get a 10 on ingenuity from me. Haven't seen any puzzler quite like this one. Good job on creativity. It is complex as others have stated, which is fine by me - though I did get stuck on lvl 15. So a hint option (maybe a button, or after you've tried a level a few times and failed) could probably be in order for us thick skulled individuals - it'll also help the length of play value quite a bit.
So thanks for the game and gluck in the future!

Very original

Great idea, may be a bit too complex for some people though.

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4.00 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2009
2:31 PM EST
Puzzles - Other