The Adventure of quino

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The robot girl awoke by desolate planet "MudRock". She loses her memory,excluding her name. The name is "quino". Let's adventure in the planet MudRock to look for pieces of the memories.

You can play with mouse or cursor keys.You can change the mode of operation by "[E]SYSTEM" menu.

To start moving, hit cursor keys. You can move "quino" in 8 directions.

[Cursor Keys] Move
[ z ] Attack,Select
[ x ] Cancel,Talk to Doctor
[ q ] ITEM menu
[ w ] MAP
[ e ] SYSTEM menu(Volume Control,SAVE,LOAD,Change mode of operation)
[ c ] Change ARMS.

To start moving, click a mouse or moving the pointer closer to "quino".
Then "quino" will move toward the mouse pointer.

[Right Click] Attack,Select,Talk to Doctor
[Left Click] Context menu.[Q]ITEM,[W]MAP,[E]SY STEM
[ q ] TEM menu
[ w ] MAP menu
[ e ] SYSTEM menu(Volume Control,SAVE,LOAD,Change mode of operation)
[ c ] Change ARMS.

This game is made by poeyama. Zen Tobinaka translated the text.
2009(c) poeyama

If you like this world,please see my animation "quino" !
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=dFIXSLvdBDs

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prettt simple but fun

almost got a perfect game. Only I can't find 17p. Anyone found it?

Nice, but easy to get lost.

I'm assuming this is just me, which is why I'm giving it the rating I am.
It's got great graphics, a captivating story line, and it's really fun--at least, until I got stuck.
I've found the robot, upgraded the arm, beat the giant ant, had the scientist disappear, made it to place with the cracks and chasms-- and I can't go any further. I'm completely stuck, and I've gone around the area in hopes of finding a way past. No luck.
What do I do about the rock in my path theat can't be destroyed?


i finished the game and i have to say it's awesome and i really want to know what the animinum pod and the broken robat is for, i only lit up 1 star, but there are a few things that need sorting out, like the save feature and some more hints would be better, plus getting 500 animinum was a task and a half, but overall a great game, cant wait for episode 2

Very nice.

Fantastic game with some bugs. I wasn't able to open menu until I get up the mountain and also after killing the last boss it said that I died. And what about starts? Where can you obtain them?

i love rpgs

this is a good but add a save and load button its good though 9/10

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2.84 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2009
2:11 PM EST
Adventure - RPG