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Mothership Warfare

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Author Comments

The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy mothership by changing the force balance.
You must not let the enemy units to get to your ship, instead you have to get your units to the enemy ship. You win when the balance bar becomes filled.

Change the current hatch/road by pressing UP/DOWN on the keyboard.
Select current unit by pressing LEFT/RIGHT. Press SPACE in order to send the unit.
Alternatively, you may use and click on the unit buttons directly.
Every minute the Storm Attack is prepared and 5 units of a selected type go from all the hatches.
If neither side wins during 3 minutes the Final Attack starts and units of all available types go from all the hatches. The party which is ahead after the Final Attack wins.

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nice work

the game was awesome

i like it! :)


this is really a cool game and i had a lot of fun with playing it!

but it could be even better I think. for example it would be nice if there would be more stuff to unlock and maybe to have the possibility of upgrading the single units.

i had unlocked all the units very soon and so the only thing I could get after winning a mission was the other upgrades.

the other thing is that the game gets very repetitive after a while. so a little more variety would be also nice.

oh and adding medals to the game would be also very cool! :)

before I had an account here on NG I had never understand all the people who were trying to get all those medals at the games but since I created my own account I became addicted to this myself very quickly.. :D
medals are always a nice addition for a game I think! ;)

so please don't understand me wrong! I really like your game and only want to give you some tipps so that your next game might be even better than this one already is!

so I give you a 9 because it was a great fun to play and hope you continue making games like this! :)

Its a big "meh", unballanced, grind.

Pretty graphics, but the game get out of our control FAST with similarly-timed attack wave followed by the final wave.
There is no strategy, just send force against force, grind for ages until you manage to win.

Second mission; the ennemy can spawn long-ranged antitank units faster than i can spawn my own marines.. Riiiiight. My tanks are then made useless since they are very easily countered, and my marines are useless too since there are always 2-3 units against every single one of mine; AND since its linerar 2-3 missile mens in a row can mow down EVERYTHING i throw at it.

The linear battle system is just broken, not coherent, ennemies walk side by side, not doing anything.

Not balanced. Its just a mindless grind game.
The basic coding is fine, it works, but as a game, its nothing new and its not fun at all

it was just OK

not my kind of game,, 1 point for decent graphics


not a bad game here and i love upgrade games

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2009
5:40 AM EST