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Emma's Message to Her Mom

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This is a movie that my daughter made of herself and I decided to animate it. It's cute.

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looks great

Not much content but the art style was great,
Pssffshhh who ever told u to make the lines consistent
It worked.
But if not for the look i would not rate it this high

sapoman responds:

Thanks! It was a fun experiment.


that was just evil looking
okat tho.
the lines movin looked cool

sapoman responds:

Well, it wasn't supposed to be evil, but I'll try harder next time.

It is cute.

Maybe next time try to keep the linework consistent? I know that's a lot harder than it sounds, but it would have improved the quality of the movie drastically.
That said, it was very cute, and you didn't upload it so that people could awe themselves at the visuals.

sapoman responds:

Thank you for the advice. I'm still trying to figure out flash, but I know what you mean. Perhaps outlining Emma with a darker line would help as well, but the film I was working with was so pixelated that I had a hard time distinguishing shapes...