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Author Comments

Well this is my first complete flash animation and first submission. This was meant to be for a class assignment but I took it a bit far and had some fun with it. Not sure how to do action script so it loops and what not. Also still trying to get the feel of timing.

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Goof but needs improvements.

This was relatively well done, except for the frame rate. The frame rate here looks to be about 12 FPS, which is pretty slow. Try 24 or even 30 FPS, and try adding in even more intricate animation, plus sound.

Overall, a good first submission. Much better than most other crap that comes through here. If you need actionscript help, look here in the tutorials section, they have that stuff.


I would have liked it better if there was some sound. Also, not that it is too big an issue, but the background should be something other than blue (or red) because then the little blobs blend into the background slightly and makes it just a bit harder to see them. I didn't have too big a problem with it, but someone probably will.


( Pokblue gets traded when holding redarader ) What? Pokblue is evolving! Da da da da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da...da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, *tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle* Congratulations! Your Pokblue evolved into a Pasokpurpale!

Lol, this was really cool. But this wasen't that... graphiky enough. You can do it! Try to improve the pics :-D

Sound Effects/Music

It would be better if there were sound effects or music.


It could be better with a bit of sound.

About the looping movie:
Stopping the movie is simple: under actions of the end of your movie, put: stop();
You have to create a button (the replay button), and add this under "Actions":
on(press}{_root.gotoAndPlay(<STARTOFM OVIEFRAME>);}
Replace <STARTOFMOVIEFRAME> with where your movie starts; usually 1.