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Perfect Balance 2

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A and D (or cursor keys left and right) rotate the selected shape. Use mouse for the rest.

NOTE! If the game won't load, disable adBlock as it seems to break the loader. Thanks! And sorry about that, I don't know why that happens on some computers. I don't have all the browsers or operating systems here on my computer...

NEWS: Added mute button to game screen, and quality button to title screen. Tiny angular and linear velocities are now damped, and you cannot drop the shape you are moving if the mouse pointer is also on top of another shape (meaning less room for exploits - you people wanted this via bug reports). ;) And now the game has a very small air resistance as well.

NEWS2: The addition of air resistance broke two levels, E-8 and E-16, please wait until the fix gets updated to this page.

NEWS3: Added button for turning autohiding of mouse cursor on/off for greater accuracy.


gr8 but

i tink imperfect balance is better and btw are u making a sequel to it?

better than imperfect balance and fun and hard

this is a very fun puzzle game and is worth playing. it also must have been a pain to program.

Very amazing

This is an amazing game, it requires a lot of timing and thinking ahead skills. A good game to play if you love games that require optimizing scores.


This is a really good game, hope you make more and keep up the good work :) !

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ttursas responds:

Thanks, we'll do more, no doubt about that. ;) In fact our next game is called Imperfect Balance and it's looking for sponsors at the moment. After one other game we'll do Perfect Balance 3.

Very nice!

The title should be "Perfect Game 2"
This is a wonderful game, congratulations ttursas.

ttursas responds:

Thanks man! But it cannot be as Perfect Balance 3 will be a little better... ;)

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4.09 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2009
11:14 AM EST
Puzzles - Other